Loofah sponge

loofah spongeThe Complex Pso Natura and the Complex Akno Natura are supplied with a loofah sponge (made of natural vegetable fibers) specially designed and provided exclusively by the Mascareignes Laboratories for an effective application dedicated
to our treatments.

As for the development of our complex, the Mascareigne Laboratories were inspired by ancient beauty secrets. Pharaohs and the Queens of Egypt were making use of the loofah to smooth their skin....the natural ancestor of the micro-dermabrasion in a way.

The loofah sponge of our laboratories is made with 100% biodegradable ingredients. It is the ecological alternative to chemical, marine (marine animal whose removal disrupt the eco system) sponges and other massage gloves (made from animals).

Our sponge is entirely produced in the midst of preserved, without pesticides or chemicals and are 100 % handmade, by a community of women in Mauritius.

What is a loofah?

The loofah originates from a dried exotic cucumber, the pipengaille. Constituted of natural soft entangled fibers, it is ideal to:

- enhance the action of your Akno Natura or Pso Natura Regenerating Complex
- ultra-soft, non abrasive, it can accelerate the exfoliation of dead cells
- activate circulation, open pores and expel impurities
- regenerate the skin without irritating it by stimulation allowing the skin to breathe.

Particularly suitable for sensitive skin, the loofah causes no allergic reaction. Naturally bleached under the sun, the loofah does not become mouldy. 100% natural, biodegrable, your loofah sponge fully respects skin integrity and balance.