We are specialists

Our laboratory was born on the discovery of an ancient, forgotten recipe, based on the therapeutic qualities of the wild Carapa procera. Since this discovery, our multi-disciplined team has worked tirelessly on developing different formulas, combining the Carapa procera with other plant based ingredients to treat skin problems, which, until now have had no satisfactory answers. The redness, squama, imperfections and greasy skin remained untouched.

Our derma-cosmetic products can in no way be assimilated to medicines. They combine the power of nature and the brilliance of science. They do not act on the systemic causes of the skin problems but their consequences.

We strive to achieve thorough research and the development of targeted derma-cosmetics, rather than the development of general skin products. Our teams are constantly researching purely natural and botanical alternatives. We select our rare extracts and oils from areas of our planet which are still persevered today, in Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean.

The range of products we offer you today are exclusive treatments with unrivaled results: Pso Natura and Akno Natura.

Our products are guaranteed free of chemical ingredients, parabens, solvents or preservatives, without the use of bleaching processes, with no artificial perfumes and raw animal material.

Our finished products are never tested on animals.

Pso Natura and Akno Natura are tested and manufactured in France according to strict methods of dermatological control.

For this reason Natural Skin Remedy formula carry the label of excellence and effectiveness.

Our extras : Our 100% natural ingredients among which the wild Carapa procera is World Exclusive to our laboratories.

Our treatments are recommended for all skin types, including sensitive skins.

Our philosophy

Our ethical code requires us to offer only products guaranteeing REAL effectiveness. We avoid using spiel in favour of truthful language to describe our products and their effects. Our treatments are not medicines. Therefore, they do not treat the causes of diseases, such as psoriasis, acne or other forms of dermatitis.

Our formulas work to bring about the disappearance of the visible symptoms of skin diseases. Their effectiveness is objectively very high, and, to our knowledge, beyond results obtained by other existing products. We do not lay claim to have found a cure but to the fast, effective and complete disappearance of all traces on the skin (squama, spots etc).

Fair trade

Natural Skin Remedy is committed to respecting all the criteria of fair trade, such as:

Not using child labour
Providing our subcontractors with comfortable margins to live and develop their activity
Providing the necessary advances and investments to our sub contractor for production
Justice and respect with regard to our trade partners
Ensuring the participation of our personnel and our producers in our decision-making processes
Assisting and training our partners
Using honest, loyal advertising and marketing techniques

We apply the criteria of the IFAT (International Fair Trade Organisation)

Our commitments

Results verified by independent professionals.

Our treatments have undergone clinical trials, to approve security, safety and efficacy of our formulas. These studies were conducted by independent laboratories in Europe and are renown for their reliability and approved by the European and US authorities.

We want to give our customers MORE than a product and promises:

Transparency of language: In addition to our products and belief in them, we publish the testimonials of our customers and the results of our clinical trials to shine an objective light on our products.
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Expert advice

To put all your odds aside, our experts are ready to listen and advise you by email or telephone, from Monday to Friday.

Precise advice to guide you with the appropriate use of our products

Communication with our experts to answer all your possible questions before or during use, throughout your treatment course.


Your all-inclusive treatment kit

We provide you with a complete treatment kit: the product and essential accessories for its optimal use, including a measuring spoon and a natural fiber sponge (loofah)

Online purchase

The treatments of the Laboratoires Mascareignes / Natural Skin Remedy are exclusively available online.

As a result, we control each stage of the product’s life, from its conception to its delivery to your home, with the added benefit of the informed advice of our dedicated experts.

Moreover, without leaving your home, wherever you may be in the world, your treatment is available with the assurance of truly secure online payments.

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