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I ordered Akno Natura for my 13yr old son, again, a big THANK YOU for your ‘miracle’ products. I’ve been a client of yours since the beginning. Psoriasis doesn’t scare me anymore!!! When I think back to my teenage years, I didn’t even want to have children because of the fear of passing it onto them!

When my son developed acne, I didn’t even think of going to the doctor, straight to Akno Natura!
I can see you are growing in success, and like other people here, I ask myself if you’ll always be able to supply your ever growing public???

Thank you also for the fast delivery (incredible!!)
Hélène LIBERT 

Hello! I’ve been using Akno Natura for 3 months now and I’m totally satisfied. I’m writing to know if it’s possible to use it in the evening as a cleanser and exfoliant, all the other products have had a harmful effect on my skin? Looking forward to hearing your reply and thank you in advance,
Amira J.
Our response: Yes, Akno Natura can be used in the evening, make sure you moisturise after though.

BONJOUR! I am very happy with the results of your product. I stopped taking the pill to try for a baby, I had been taking it since my teenage years. As soon as I came off the pill, the acne came back. Using your product has eliminated the acne from my face.
I’ve been using Akno Natura for 6 days and can see a definite improvement on my skin. Of course, the treatment irritates a bit in certain areas, and I’ve a drier area between my nose and lips. What moisturising cream could you recommend me for day and night? Thank you very much.
Barbara B.
Our response : Our Akno Natura Toning Cream will work in tandem with the Akno Natura Complex to react to your sebum flow.

I’ve spots from time to time, but nothing too bad. However, I have a lot on my shoulder blades and I apply the Akno Natura Complex there in the mornings, just like on my face, hoping for the same results! Best regards,
Marilyne M. – (73) MERCURY – May 2009
Our response: On shoulder blades, Akno Natura can be used in the mornings and evenings, followed by moisturising with the Akno Natura Toning Cream to improve results.

I bought your product initially for my son (16) and then for me (46), the both of us have seen a clear improvement and no following irritation. Both very happy!

Here’s my experience with your product. I’m 37 and have always had ‘acne’ skin which haunted me through my younger years and only stopped at the birth of my daughters. I had tried everything, Roacutane, the contraceptive pill Diane and loads of other ineffective treatments. When my daughters arrived, my skin saw a definite improvement, but was never ‘clean’. My oldest daughter is 10 and seems to be following in my footsteps and had an eruption of red spots on her neck 15 days ago. Wanting to protect her, at any price, from what I went through, I hit the Internet and found you. We’ve been using your product for a week and IT WORKS. My daughter’s spots have disappeared and her skin is clean. I see a distinct improvement in my skin, some scars still around, but the skin itself is finer and clearer. There is no acne re-growth and I am confident for the long term. I know I cannot stop my daughter suffering from acne if it’s meant to be, but if I can minimise its effects with your product, we will remain very loyal customers. I thank you very much as I think I have finally found a good treatment.
Nadia H.

I’ve been a client of yours for a long time, with Akno Natura. Since using, and thanks to your product, I have no acne left.
Nicolas R.

Satisfied customer of Akno Natura, been using it for a month and have seen a clear improvement in the state of my skin. My blackheads are still there though (and have been for a long long time!). Any suggestions? I’m 52 and have always had acne. A big well done for your advice and speed of delivery.
Patrice P.
Our response : Stay in ‘cure’ stage, give yourself time to purify your skin. Apply the Akno Natura mousse every evening with the loofah, rinse with cold water and moisturise.

Excellent product, from the first few days I saw improvement. I have a quite serious problem with small cysts and have tried many solutions (Roacutane with Vitamin A, chemist’s products, aesthetic products). After only 3 days I recommended a friend to try your product. I’m convinced in 15 days I’ll be able to give more positive news!
Melle Mélanie F.

… Thank you. I would like to take this moment to tell you I am very satisfied with Akno Natura, been using it for 9 months with success!
Isabelle C.

Suffering from persistant acne, especially on the chin, I started applying your product the day a big red spot arrived. The next day, WOW, not only had it not grown but had reduced in size and continued to reduce over the following days. Killed at birth! I’ve been using Akno Natura for 15 days and can see a real improvement on the existing patches and not one new spot since I started. You say your product isn’t miraculous, I can assure you, for me it is! I toast ‘Good health’ to your lab, and thank you!

I can tell you your product works even on me who was at first sceptical about anti acne products. My skin is beautiful and I have a lot less spots. It’s really worth it.
Marie-Pierre K

I didn’t have great faith nor confidence in Akno Natura when I bought it. I was also hesitant to use the loofah for fear of irritating my already sensitive skin. I tried and my skin really became smooth, small spots and imperfections disappeared! My skin is glowing, the scars are fading and I have no black heads or spots (touch wood!). When one appears, it disappears after a few days. I have no clue about the ingredients in this, but they work. I hope this continues. The price may seem expensive, but I’ve had the same pot for a month and a half and haven’t used half yet. The price, therefore, is reasonable. Don’t hesitate, try it!
Aurore C.

I’m a woman, aged 32, and have suffered from acne along with greasy skin since 13. I tried all the treatments available on the market (making my dermatologist and pharmacist very happy…) including Roacutane and all the ‘miracle’ creams. Once the treatment stops, the acne comes back. I turned to Organic treatments 2 years ago, wanting to treat my skin a little better, sick of all the ineffective and aggressive treatments I had tried. Since then, I have only used organic cosmetic products, my skin has improved but the acne didn’t entirely go. I began to accept the fact that I would have to live with this forever, until discovering Akno Natura while surfing the Net. I’ve been using it for 10 days and only have one thing to say, THANK YOU! Thanks to you I’m starting to live again and have no shame going out without make-up on. My spot problems are disappearing and my greasy skin is only a bad memory! THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU AGAIN!
Adeline D.

Just a note to say your product keeps its promises. After 3 days, my friends noticed a real difference in my skin. After a week, (using your product once a day, generally the evenings), my skin had become glowing and smooth. It’s obviously not a miracle cure, (and I only have a few spots here and there, not severe acne) but it deserves this title with its targeted and localised treatment of my spots. In any case, it has more than solved my problem and I’m going to recommend it to my friends! Thanks again,

After having tried everything I could find (zinc, antibiotics, miracle creams), I swear I am surprised by the results of a new treatment on the market. After some Internet research, I found Akno Natura. While sceptical, I bought it. You don’t have to wait around for results, after 3 days I saw a difference and a return to ‘normal’ skin. It’s a cleansing paste that turns into mousse, and for me, has the same effects as a peeling at the dermatologist, the skin shedding anyway! I touch my acne less and less, knowing that I will be able to massage the itching away that has haunted my life and massacred my face. I complement the treatment with essential lavender oil (or tea tree) mixed in with my daily face cream to avoid the nagging tugging feeling that comes with my sensitive skin.

I’ve suffered from severe acne for 15 years .Antibiotic treatments and the Pill have always been off limits for me because I have a liver complaint. I thought I was condemned to suffer acne all my life. By chance, discovering your product has done miracles on my skin, considering the disaster it was before! Of course, not all my spots have gone, my acne finds it roots in my liver problem, and Ako Natura treats the symptoms, not the disease itself. However, the treatment has been remarkable, and has been noticed by those around me in less than a month. Even the scars, deep and old, began disappearing after 3 months! Your product has become a must in my bathroom. I cannot think of not using it, and use it with my moisturising cream and an oral zinc supplement. I confirm, also, that my skin, gashed by older, aggressive pharmaceutical treatments, tolerates perfectly Ako Natura.
Fabienne G.

I’ve been using Ako Natura for 8 days every evening, and my spots have all disappeared, I only have some marks which are also already fading! I’ve tried lots of products. I am 27 and have suffered from acne since 12yrs old. Akno Natura has boosted my morale. Nothing is more powerful than Nature!
Sandrine T.

Great! It works! My boyfriend has been using Ako Natura for 2 weeks and we are already seeing the results! His scars and spots have nearly all disappeared. He’s tried loads of products before too. This one really works. This product should be more widely known and replace the phoney revolutionary products.
Girlfriend of David R

I’m 31 and have suffered from severe acne since my youth. I took the Pill, ‘Diane 35’ and that sorted it out. Once I stopped taking the Pill, my acne came back, and was worse than it was before. It seems ridiculous, but I was really affected by its return at my age. I wanted to find a natural treatment, but one that was also effective. I’ve been using Akno Natura for a year and my most of my acne has gone. The lower half of my face was really bad with the acne but now, it’s mostly clear. Even the scars have gone. This treatment is easy to use, made from natural ingredients and is undoubtedly effective! My only regret is not having found Akno Natura before. Thank you again.
Mylène F - 31 years old

After 2 weeks, all my spots have gone! Thanks to Solene for recommending Akno Natura to me. I fervently recommend trying it!
Elvis C -

Thanks to Akno, my face is basically clear. I massage a little every evening and I moisturise with ‘icytane’ dermatological face cream every other evening. Perfect.  A big Thank you for your knowledge and treatments.
Nicolas R.

I tried several products before Akno Natura and must say it is effective, even if it hasn’t answered all my prayers. I’ve been using it for more than a month (until the end of the pot) and have less spots, but still some there. This product is the most effective I’ve tried, and I recommend it if your acne isn’t too severe.

My 16yr old daughter has had big skin problems for 2 years. We’ve tried many products, often having several applications in the same day which was inconvenient and difficult. The improvement was of short duration and once the treatment stopped the problems resurfaced. Last June I called a dermatologist but could only get an appointment for October. I turned to the Internet and found your site. I bought a pot which my daughter used all through July, twice a day. We noticed a clear improvement after 15 days. In August, she applied the treatment once a day. Today her skin is clear and the acne has gone. She uses Akno Natura twice a week, complementing with a moisturiser. The cost is nothing compared to the high street or pharmacies. Another positive point, easy ordering on Internet and fast delivery. Bravo!
Valérie L.

My sister made me try your product, today I owe my well-being to her! Thank you!
Igor J - (France)

Excellent site and information about acne. I tested Akno Natura and have found nothing better. My spots have disappeared. The quickest to go were the small spots on my back, really, it works!
Benjamin – 15 

I love that Akno Natura is a natural product. GO PLANTS! My life has changed. My spots have disappeared.
Angélique – 18 years old

I’m 55 and still suffer from acne. I had tried everything, even hormonal treatment. Nothing is better than your product. I can finally stop using thick make-up as camouflage.

Your product is very cool ! It’s a shame it’s only available on the Internet, where I discovered it by chance. It’s such a relief to be without spots!
Kevin – 21

It’s a bit embarrassing to say that my life has changed, but it really has. Being without spots, I’m not ashamed of myself anymore and am at ease. At the beginning I used it twice a day for 15 days to be sure of a good result. I’m in remission somewhat and as soon as something appears, I am ready to react.
Marie – 16 

Akno Natura is really really effective. After I use a light, fluid moisturiser because the skin pulls a little. Bravo and Thank you!
Julia – 25

I am writing my experience here because I want to help with your publicity! This product is THE TOPS. I have no more skin problems. It also works on heat spots.

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