Acne, hints and tips, guides to solutions for your skin

Here you can find, arranged and summarised, the key information for getting rid of spots and acne and taking better care of your skin.

N° 1 advice: MOIS-TU-RISE your skin, morning and evening with a non pore-blocking treatment.

• Avoid the sun: It is a false friend as it encourages acne during exposure and is followed by a strong resurging outbreak.
• If you have beard acne, it is better to shave with an electric shaver. Cutting the spots with a naked blade perpetuates them.
o Avoid touching your face during the day
o Touch only with clean hands
o Change your pillowcase regularly
• It is imperative to avoid scratching and fiddling with your spots. Breaking them open is the worst solution because the resulting scars can be permanent. We strongly advise against blackhead removers.

In the majority of cases, good daily hygiene (washing twice a day) is the best solution.
Clean the skin with a suitable cleanser, which should not be too aggressive on sensitive skin.
Deep cleaning the skin will contribute to limiting the sebaceous secretions and slow down the development of blockages which cause blackheads. Akno Natura® Serum is perfectly suitable for this. Our formula stabilises sebum secretion, avoiding the appearance of blackheads and treats the inflammations by avoiding the re-infection of the lesions and spots.

• For girls: Treating your skin with the Akno Natura® skincare range during menstruation avoids clogging the epidermis and expanded, open pores.

Nutritional advice against acne and pimples

Your skin’s ‘friends’

• Choose a balanced diet. It should be varied and as organic as possible, giving you, amongst other things, important vitamins in the fight against acne such as zinc, (helps regulate sebaceous secretions, Vitamins A and C to facilitate spot recovery, the B-group Vitamins, essential for skin renewal).   Note: Some vegetarians frequently suffer from blotchy and severe skin.    

• Zinc plays an essential role in the immunity of your skin. However, for many people, the contribution of zinc to a poor diet or one filled with sport (which, through sweating, reduced the zinc content) is not enough. To prevent zinc deficiencies and to improve your skin, increase your intake of zinc, naturally found in oysters, cashew nuts, almonds, egg yolk, peanuts and whole cereals. All fish and seafood are naturally high in vitamins and fatty acids which help your skin to regenerate.

• Vitamin A is found in egg yolk, all yellow/orange fruit and vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, melons, apricots, oranges, and corn), green leafy vegetables in general, dried fruits and nuts...

• Vitamin B6 is found in brewers’ yeast, egg yolk, cereals (warning: they must be gluten-free), germinated seeds, fish, green vegetables (especially beans and peas), fresh fruits, etc.

• Vitamin B8 is found in brewers' yeast, egg yolk, peanuts, dried peas, mushrooms, etc.

• Vitamin E is found in wheat germ, hazelnuts, almonds, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, virgin, cold-pressed vegetable oils, cod-liver oil etc.

•  Choose vegetable fats. Animal fat should be consumed in very, very small quantities.

Our top tips for a better skin

* Shredded wheat germ alone contains Vitamins E, B and zinc. Sprinkle the equivalent of a good coffee spoonful (10g) per day onto your food to avoid spots.
* Consume your fish and seafood with a little butter and lemon juice to increase the Vitamin A and C content.
* Discover or rediscover calf or pork liver: 100g supplies 70 times our daily Vitamin B requirements, 27 times Vitamin A and more than half the zinc!
Your skin’s ‘enemies’:
• Stop consuming full-cream milk and if possible, all dairy products (conduct a trial period to test yourself and your skin).

• Discard food containing gluten as a gluten allergy can worsen acne. Avoid thus ALL food containing gluten,
i.e. wheat, barley, rye, oats (split and derivatives), bread (except Essenien bread), pasta, semolina, flour, etc.

• Choose non gluten foodstuffs like: Rice, millet, corn, chestnuts, potatoes, quinoa or germinated cereals.

• Do not drink sweetened beverages containing toxins: Coke, phosphoric acid, caffeine, alcohol or any chemical substance.

• Restrict sugar and sugary products.

• Restrict stimulants: Alcohol, tea, coffee.

• Drink water with low mineral content.

Treatment advice against spots and acne

Certain types of complex, teenage acne require medical care. There is a broad range of therapeutic treatments that a dermatologist can successfully offer you.

There are two treatment types: Local and General

• Local treatment  for acne

- Benzyl Peroxide: warning, it can stain clothing and sheets. Apply in the evening, preferably, with white cloths.

- External application Vitamin A: Tretinoine and Isotretinoine are products which can cause irritation. Apply in very small quantities (does not reduce effectiveness) to spread out applications in the event of irritation. Women will require a contraception, as treatment could damage a foetus. 

General treatment for acne

 - Antibiotics: Take with your evening meal, with a large glass of water. They are not advised if you will be exposed to the sun and require contraception for women (because of the danger to a foetus).

- There are other techniques, requiring specialist intervention: Cryotherapy, exfoliation, dermabrasion (skin peels) etc. Studies are being done on new therapies such as laser treatment, which, without requiring an anesthetic, would see a notable improvement in the aspect of the skin.

Whatever your situation, we highly recommend the use of  the natural Akno Natura® alongside your medical or specialist care.