The following is a list of questions most frequently asked. We answer honestly, seriously and sincerely. Remember that Pso Natura® is not a medicine; it is a 100% organic derma-cosmetic care product, against mostly psoriasis and eczema. Its use throughout the centuries to treat psoriasis and eczema is the proof of its effectiveness against skin conditions?

Who is Pso Natura® suitable for?

I have suffered from psoriasis for over 30 years, is the Pso Natura® range suitable for me?

Yes, whatever your age however long you have had psoriasis, Pso Natura® is an organic skincare to help psoriasis and eczema patches/plaques disappear. The disappearance of your patches, using our Regenerating Complex, will depend on their severity, between 10 days and 8 weeks. On average, 1 month.

Can my 7-year-old child suffering from eczema use Pso Natura® Complex?

Yes. Massage gently with the loofah since children have delicate skin.

Psoriasis or eczéma in sensitive areas

On the genitals (M or F), is it safe to use Pso Natura®  Complex ?

No. To be really effective, Pso Natura® must be applied with a loofah. With psoriasis on the pubis there is no problem. On sensitive areas such as the labia or penis, exfoliation with the loofah is, of course, out of the question.

Can I use Pso Natura® Complex on my face?

Some of our customers use Pso Natura® successfully on the face. The composition of our product is not going to do any harm. Clinical tests of facial skin tolerance are very good; however the loofah must be used carefully. Do not massage too energetically. Use a gentle patting motion if you feel that your skin is fragile.

We recommend that you always use a moisturising cream on the treated parts of the body or the face. It will alleviate the after-effects of exfoliation and hydrate the skin, which is always recommended for psoriasis in any case.

You may sometimes notice some small red psoriasis patches, which disappear quickly but could be a sign that you need to massage more gently. If you go out in the sun, protect your skin with a good sunscreen as exfoliated skin is considerably more fragile.
Avoid any contact with the eyes. There is no great risk, but the stinging would be very unpleasant. In the event of stinging, rinse generously with water.

Can I use Pso Natura® Complex on my eyelid psoriasis?

Unfortunately not. Pso Natura® produces white foam which stings the eyes. Moreover, it is necessary to use a loofah sponge (provided) to stimulate the action of Pso Natura®. This is, of course, out of the question for a sensitive area like the eyelids.

Can I use Pso Natura® in the raw folds of skin?

Psoriasis in skin folds is generally extremely difficult to treat.
Pso Natura® does indeed contain very effective anti bacterial agents, but on wounds where the skin is raw, the product causes unpleasant stinging. We therefore recommend that you do not apply Pso Natura® to these parts.

Even if your skin folds are not raw, these areas are very delicate and an energetic massage with Pso Natura® would be likely to cause irritation. Therefore, you should apply the treatment with great care, or abstain if your skin appears too sensitive.
You could however use Pso Natura® Rich Restructuring cream. It would be an ideal, active moisturiser for your skin.

My psoriasis patches are inflamed; can I still use Pso Natura® Complex with the loofah?

No. It would be a mistake to use the loofah in this case. Pso Natura® contains bactericides which are likely to sting and thus discourage you.
Start by using the loofah in a patting motion, without massaging. Pso Natura® should decrease the irritation, discouraging you from scratching, thereby soothing your patches.
The use of the loofah is an essential component for a really effective treatment with Pso Natura®. Thus, when the irritation subsides, you will be able to proceed with the loofah massage.
By not activating “the loofah effect” at the beginning, you will undoubtedly have to wait a little longer for convincing results, but persevere and have courage! Don’t forget to moisturise, ideally with our Rich Restructuring Cream.

Pso natura® Complex after-treatment care

Should I use soap after the Pso Natura® treatment?

No, it is not necessary to use soap after Pso Natura® for 2 reasons:
-   The active agents in Pso Natura® cleanse the skin; it is unnecessary to do anymore.
-   By using Pso Natura® with the loofah, you have exfoliated your skin, making it more sensitive. Don’t aggravate it with soap, whatever the quality.

Can I use a moisturising psoriasis cream after Pso Natura® Complex?

Yes, of course, we recommend it absolutely. Moisturising is, in any case, an alleviating factor and always recommended for psoriasis and eczema. When the skin has just been exfoliated, moisturising is even more important. Choose a rich psoriasis cream (except for the face, choose an adapted cream). Ideally, choose our Rich Restructuring Cream from our Pso Natura Complex range, combined for working in synergy with the Complex and give even better results for your psoriasis or eczema.


Let us first examine the question of time. Our recommendation is as follows: when you have applied Pso Natura® to the loofah and the product starts to foam, massage for approximately 30 seconds so that foam turns into a lather and releases the maximum active ingredients. If you massage longer, you risk:
 - Irritating your skin with the loofah
 - Making your twice-daily care into a lengthy regime, and eventually becoming weary of it.
If you wish, you can leave the foam to act for one minute after the massage, before rinsing. It can only be beneficial to your skin.

After one week of use, I have not noticed any real improvements…

Don’t panic!
Many people see changes with their psoriasis or eczema after 3 days, the skin has become smoother, but beware:
1. It does not mean it is all gone, far from it.
2. We have to establish averages, but having said that, the reaction time can sometimes be a little longer. This will vary from case to case.
If you notice a small change, it is already a good sign, even if this change is not as great as you would have hoped for. Do not become over-anxious. Give yourself a little time … and do not give way to stress.
As you know, stress is a powerful contributor to psoriasis. Try to be as relaxed as possible.

The ingredients of Pso Natura® Complex and cream are particularly active as the exposure to the skin is only a few minutes per day. Have confidence and patience and moisturise!

What can I do to avoid rapid regrowth of my psoriasis or eczema?

After the psoriasis or eczema traces have disappeared, continue using Pso Natura Complex twice a day for 2 weeks for an in-depth organic treatment. Carry on for preventative purposes 2-3 times per week, according to your specific condition. Each case being different, it is up to each individual to evaluate his or her maintenance needs. Psoriasis testimonals.

My psoriasis patches are reddening, what should I do?

It is normal for patches subjected to the powerful effectiveness of Pso Natura Complex to redden initially. The loofah massage stimulates the circulation of the micro vessels. Your skin will soon turn pink, and eventually start to whiten.  (This is the regeneration aspect). However, you should not reach the stage of irritation. If your skin is very sensitive or you have massaged too vigorously, reconsider your massaging technique.  You may find you have been too brutal in your massage. Use a moisturising cream which will help to soothe the red psoriasis patches, ideally our Rich Regenerating Cream.

If your skin is irritated and bleeding slightly, suspend treatment until the irritation is gone, and start again. The bactericidal agents of Pso Natura® Complex will sting on open wounds.
Allergic reactions are extremely rare. In this case, obviously, stop the use of your Pso Natura® Complex immediately.

Can my
loofah wear out?

Yes, it can. When you feel it isn’t doing its job anymore, it’s time to change. If using the product twice a day, we recommend you change your loofah every 4 weeks. If you are massaging more vigorously, the loofah will require more frequent changing.

I have been following a medical treatment for my psoriasis, should I stop it?

No. We are not doctors and will not interfere with your medical treatment. A sudden interruption of your treatment may cause a rapid resurgence of your psoriasis patches. You should therefore continue your treatment and consult your dermatologist.

Pso Natura® is a derma-cosmetic care, not a medicine. It is compatible with other psoriasis or eczema treatments. For people following a course of PUVA-therapy however, we recommend waiting until you have completed your treatment before starting to use Pso Natura®. Exposure to the rays will have inevitably weakened your skin and exfoliation would be likely to irritate it.

I suffer from guttate psoriasis, can the Pso Natura® range help me?

Yes. Please see our founder's testimonial.

I am suffering from a severe form of erythrodermic/pustular psoriasis, can the Pso Natura® range help me?

Unfortunately not, as your skin is too irritated to undergo exfoliation with the loofah; the treatment would sting. We remind you that Pso Natura® is not a medicine; it is a dermo-cosmetic natural psoriasis treatment. Its properties make it an effective treatment against the red patches and squama, but its action only affects the surface layers of the skin. However, our Rich Restructuring Cream would be an excellent moisturiser for your skin.

There is psoriasis under my nails, can the Pso Natura® range help me?

Up until now we did not think that Pso Natura would work on nail psoriasis, as we did not think it could penetrate through the nails. However we have received customer feedback informing us that in fact Pso Natura Complex does work on nail psoriasis. Therefore we can say, with customer confidence behind us, yes. We never wish to promise anything we cannot be sure on, and prefer to be modest with our treatments' capabilities.