Psoriasis helpful hints

Practical Hints and Tips for psoriasis and eczema

Try and monitor your movements and behaviour to more effectively fight your psoriasis.  Psoriasis, on the whole, starts by appearing at the joints. This is simply because it is aggravated by scraping and scratching against other materials :

• Avoid putting your elbows on the table.
• Think about your hand movements.
• A ring could cause irritation, adjust if necessary.
• Knees and behind calves, avoid overly crossing legs.
• Underwear: Some fabrics irritate the skin.
• Bras and the elastic on back can rub, change when needed.
• Knickers and pants: look for negative reactions. Lace can also be an irritant.

Always moisturise your skin to reduce your psoriasis patches

Keep your morale

Even if your psoriasis is body wide, do not be discouraged. While Pso Natura is easy to use, choose your initial targets in visible places (face, arms, and legs for example).

When the psoriasis squama and redness have gone from these places, move to bigger, less visible targets.

When your psoriasis or eczema is itching

• Something important to remember, try to avoid scratching your patches when they itch. Soothe your skin with a rich moisturiser.

• Be on the alert. If you feel that familiar psoriasis or eczema itch coming, treat the area before the squama arrive.

Hot water is the enemy of psoriasis and eczema

Very hot water can aggravate sensitive skin prone to psoriasis or eczema and lead to squama forming.

• When washing up, use gloves if hands are sensitive.

• Under the shower, ensure the water does not become too hot.

Corticoid creams for psoriasis or eczema

• The disadvantages are numerous (addictive, dangerous for skin, limited effectiveness on stubborn, long term squama). Use intermittently, over 2-3 days, as a complement to Pso Natura. Can increase rate of psoriasis disappearance. Consult your dermatologist.

• Some corticoid treatments come as a cream or pommadel with cortisone. Our customers tell us that the pommade is more effective.

• Our advice: Apply in the evening, place a bandage over the psoriasis patches for 24 hours. The improvement is tenfold.

Sunlight and psoriasis

A reasonable exposure to sunlight can alleviate the psoriasis patches. For certain types of psoriasis, dermatologists recommend special UV treatment.

Sea swimming / baths for psoriasis and eczema

Before doing this, we recommend a damp sand scrub over the areas affected by psoriasis or eczema. Scrub with care before going into the sea. All this is accompanied by exposure to natural sunlight. 

Reappearance of psoriasis happens less quickly, however you must repeat the process. 

This alternative therefore quickly becomes very expensive. You can bring the mud packets back home. From personal experience, you have to leave them drying for 20 minutes without being able to move or touch anything as the mud is black and stains everything.

Our founder Sylvie Méliet explains: "The process was so lengthy that after 3 days my morale was at rock-bottom and I gave up". It is the mud from the Dead Sea which really helps. The packets of salt impregnated with mud are way less effective.

Dead Sea mud bath

The high proportion of salt (30%) and potassium has made this place famous for its healing properties, especially for skin problems like psoriasis. Results are effective and the patches fade.

Relaxation to destress your psoriasis

Psoriasis develops and worsens in times of stress or anxiety. Taking up an activity like yoga, Zen techniques or other balancing practices could help in your battle against psoriasis.