Real life psoriasis and eczema stories

Read on to see how others have been able to tackle and put their psoriasis and eczema under control thanks to Pso Natura products.

Having been advised to try your products to treat my pruritis, I bought the 'Regenerating Complex' and the 'Rich Cream', which I have now been using for two weeks.
I would like to say a big 'Thank you'. Because of your products, I have been able to stop using all cortisone products, as well as the medication I used to take each evening to help me sleep and to prevent me from scratching myself all night. Your two products have calmed the itching, and my spots are starting to dry out. I realise that it will take time for all my symptoms to disappear completely, but I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am so far.

Madame Chantal C. - France

I wanted to tell you about my experience with 'Pso Natura'. I have been using it for a month, showering daily and washing my hair every 3-4 days. Within a week, the progression of scaly patches on my skin had halted. Day after day, they got smaller and my skin became softer and less itchy. 
After a month, the patches have disappeared completely, my skin is back to a pale pink colour and is very soft to the touch. (I am 64!)
The psoriasis on my scalp has disappeared, to the amazement of my hairdresser. She has quite a few clients suffering from scalp psoriasis and will be spreading the word about your products.
I still have some patches on my ankles which are proving a bit more stubborn, but for me, it is almost a miracle! I feel so lucky to have come across you.

Michel R - France
Hello everybody. I am 35 and have had psoriasis since the age of about 14.  It started after I had undergone a desensitisation treatment against mites; no-one else in my family suffers from psoriasis.
For the last 5 years I have had guttate psoriasis nearly all over my body, and big patches on my legs and elbows. I have tried all the conventional treatments; cortisone creams, bio-resonance, acupuncture, magnetism.... The only treatment that was satisfactory was puvatherapy. I have had 5 courses over the last 6 years, the effects of which would last between 4 and 6 months. I had a further treatment in June this year, but patches began to reappear immediately. My dermatologist wanted to prescribe Metotrexate, but when I read the possible side effects I panicked!!!
I then tried 'Pso Natura Complex' and the shampoo and moisturising cream in the range. It is a real miracle! Nearly all the patches have disappeared. I use it once a day over my entire body (including my face) and this summer I could go to the beach like anybody else.
The treatment is expensive, but nothing is too much if it gets rid of this 'rubbish' that has ruined my life for so long.
I will keep you posted as to my progress, but in any event IT WORKS EVEN FOR SEVERE CASES!!
Thank you to Natura Skin Remedy.

Frederic Ch - Switzerland

We had Pso Natura sent to us in Morocco and started treatment. We have already begun to see the results and are working towards a total disappearance of the psoriasis and a return to normal skin on my brother’s hands. His psoriasis has been around for about a year. He followed the instructions on the packaging. Thank you very much,

Khalid (brother of Hassan, a patient).

Hello, it’s been a year since I started using Pso Natura (treating my blotchy joints and patches on my legs). I started in April 2008 and by August, there were no patches or blotches left. Finally, a natural product that works. When patches reappear, the secret is to respect the instructions given. Don’t grate too hard on the red patches with the loofah, lightly blotting them works perfectly. For me, I treat myself once a day with Pso Natura and moisturise day and night on the target areas. (pas nom ni date etc…)
Until now I was using Dexeryl (effective on me). I have started using your cream (VERY EFFECTIVE) to complement the Dexeryl. I apply it morning and evening (not greasy). It works well. With stubborn areas, I massage with Daivonex in the evening.  The secret for me is not to stress and to accept my condition. Above all, do not use corticoids, they only aggravate the problem. Bravo again! I mention your laboratory whenever anyone is looking for a solution to psoriasis or eczema. 
Pascal. Boissy Le Chatel, 77

Our response: Avoid corticoids, but do not stop treatment immediately. A big thank you to you for spreading the word about us with our ‘Tell a friend’ scheme.

Thanks for having put such an effective product on the market!

Hélène B. – SION-SUISSE 

Hello, I started applying Pso Natura and after 7 days noticed a definite improvement in my skin across my whole body. I didn’t dare believe it was possible and it has become a reality. Thank you very much!

Jacques T. – NOGENT SUR MARNE (94)

Hello. It’s been a month since I started applying Pso Natura, twice daily, and using Dove cream to moisturise after each application. After 15 days, the squama on my knees and joints had disappeared. The skin is soft and red, bright red after the treatment. During business trips, I was only able to apply once a day and this led to 3 flare ups. However, these are my only gaps in treatment! I noticed after these gaps, the skin has become very fine and looks like peeling skin, especially around the joints. This goes away once I start again twice a day but the skin remains red.
What can you suggest I do about the red patches that remain on the skin? Thanks in advance for any advice!

David A. –(17)Thaire

Our response: Don’t stop the twice daily application. Stop, temporarily, the rougher side of the loofah, or apply with a shower glove or shower puff. Change your moisturiser; ideally try our ‘Restructuring Pso Natura Cream’.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your very quick delivery. It is really appreciated when one is waiting impatiently for their treatment, which, finally, could be the answer. I started using it and progressively, my psoriasis started fading and there has been no reappearance of patches. I am starting to think I could start wearing cropped trousers again once it’s warm and not have to hide my legs! A big thank you to you for developing this natural treatment and not testing on animals, a bigger plus for me!

Claudine C. - 91590  LA FERTE ALAIS

HELLO! After my original commentary, I can affirm, after 6 months, to have completely new skin. Pso Natura has always had this amazing effect on my skin, I am very very safisfied! Little red patches only appear when I go to the gym, apart from this my skin is white and I treat myself with nothing else! I live in fear somewhat that your Laboratory suddenly decides, for whatever reason, to stop producing Pso Natura and have considered buying  in bulk, so extraordinary the results and the feeling of well being in one’s skin. I look back on old photos of myself and remember the depression that came with my condition. Thank you again for this daily well being.

France S- Saint Jouvent (87)

Hello, and Thank you already for the results! I ordered a pot a month ago, and did not start the treatment well unfortunately. With PUVA therapy, I was scratching and scraping a lot. At the end of the PUVA therapy, I had barely any trace of the psoriasis but a new layer formed and it all started again. I made a routine of applying Pso Natura morning and night, and saw improvement after 2/3 weeks. I ordered another package, knowing I was off going abroad, and would have none left on my return (on this subject, Thank you for your efficient treatment of orders, no holidays for you apparently!!!)
1)   I have the impression that water with less calcium/chemicals leads to better treatment???
2)   Was a little disappointed on return to France to find the treatment less effective, because of the higher chemical/calcium content in water.
3)   I need some advice about what sort of moisturiser to buy? Something not sticky or greasy, like all I’ve tried until now! Thanking you in advance for your reply, and a very Happy New Year to all your team.

Brigitte D- Tresques (30)

Our response: Our own moisturising cream, especially formulated for us, will be available at the end of April 2009, watch this space!

HELLO, it’s been a week since I’ve been using Pso Natura on my patchy psoriasis. Today I have no trace after usage morning and evening. I mousse the product with the loofah, everything has practically disappeared. I moisturise after showering. I am going to continue this treatment morning and evening for another week, leading to a progressive disappearance of all traces. I am very satisfied with a product that works for me.

Agnès M. – Créteil (94)

Your product is really effective, however, at the beginning I was expecting quicker results. I persevered, stopping all other treatments, and the results are very impressive. Thank you...

Sarah M - La Réunion

I started using Pso Natura 3 months ago, and finally, white skin! I am very satisfied, having followed the instructions for moisturising my skin each day. I only use your product once a day. I wanted to share this with you: I went swimming with pure happiness, I wasn’t looked at by anyone and I felt good and at ease in my skin. You cannot imagine the happiness I am feeling! Thank you again and have a good day!

France S-  Saint Jouvent (87)

THANK YOU! This is the best and only word I can use! After of years of living/surviving with psoriasis, Pso Natura is my solution. I waited before sending you feedback to see the results on my skin, and here they are: Psoriasis (inflamed all Summer), completely white after a maximum of 2 months. I feel serene, and if it comes back, I’m ready with my Pso Natura reserves to go!! No more need for UV treatment, visits to the ineffective dermatologist! I still cannot believe it. It has gone from behind my ears, the pubic region, the scalp, incredible! I also join those in congratulating you on your rapid and personal responses to mails, the next day!! THANK YOU. If ever my children have problems with acne, I know exactly where to go. PS. Why don’t doctors and dermatologists send people to you? I found you on the Internet by typing ‘treating psoriasis’. I speak about you to all doctors (sceptics) I meet. 

Hélène L. (01) Chanay FR

Dear John (from ‘Tell a friend’ scheme),
The product you suggested to me for my pso, Pso Natura, is very effective and I know what I’m talking about, having Psoriasis +30 years.  I’ve tested all the Psoriasis products under the sun, from corticoids to Vitamin A tablets with Vitamin D creams. I have never seen such quick results. 80% blotches gone after 4 days of treatment. The only hiccup is the dryness of skin afterwards, a super moisturising cream is required. Thank you!

JG (06) Cannes

Our response: To use our ‘Tell a Friend’ scheme, connect to your Client space in a few seconds and follow instructions.Our Rich Restructuring Cream was launched in July 2009.

Dear Madam, I followed your advice concerning Pso Natura and can say I am seeing a definite improvement after only a few days. It hasn’t all disappeared, but day by day, the skin is becoming  clearer and the red patches whiter. Even with the little bits left, progressively, it is fading. I hope this progression continues over the coming weeks.
I’ve never been so encouraged by results as these, I use the cream daily and well moisturise my skin.When I reveal my arms to my friendsthey are astonished and I regularly hear  ‘”Wow!” It’s nothing like it was before using this product!!!’Thank you for your quick responses and for their total sincerity.

France S, Saint Jouvent (87) Fr

I wanted to get back to you regarding my Pso after my panicky mail sent last June (after a few days of treatment I had double the blotches, skin very sensitive), to which you replied with kindness and understanding. I realised I wasn’t rinsing or moisturising my skin regularly enough. I changed my ways and started moisturising twice a day. I My psoriasis at the tops of my thighs, stomach, under my kidneys and at the joints disappeared. There is still some on my back but it seems to be lessening. I continue with Pso Natura… and wait impatiently for your scalp product. Thank you.

Gisèle M. Nantes (44) Fr

I discovered you and Pso Natura on a psoriasis forum. After some hospital treatment, with cortisone intervention, for a back problem, I had a light return of psoriasis on my back and legs. I had some medical treatment, but it persisted. I decided to try your treatment, and to my great surprise, after only 3 days, the patches started to fade and after 8 days, had completely gone. I have discussed this on the forum and would like to thank you for this product which works perfectly for me. Best regards and Good Luck to all those suffering with psoriasis.

Bruno E. - St-Léger (10) France

I wanted to thank the Mascareignes Laboratory for the serious work you are doing. The results are visible and do not stop getting better. I am ‘cured’. Twice a day I apply a spoonful of Pso Natura onto the loofah and apply to my knees, calves, feet and thighs until the spoonful has been used up. I reapply a spoonful to the loofah and attack the top half of my body, elbows, forearms, hands and, on rare occasions, my scalp. I wait a minute and then rinse and dry myself. Once dry, I apply Betneval 0,1% (not every day). I also use Organic Aloe Vera gel (97.30%),

Mr. Jérôme A (59) France

Working for a big French public service group, I meet the public daily. I suffer from psoriasis on my face, just under my eyes. I had such a complex about this, thinking that people only saw the patches and not my face. One day, I found your site Pso Natura and decided to go for it, convinced that it wouldn’t work. After 3 days of usage, my psoriasis had disappeared 95%. For someone who had no faith, it was incredible. This product works, I recommend it to all those suffering from unsightly psoriasis. Other positive remarks: Extremely fast delivery and enlightening advice from the Mascareignes Laboratory specialists (sent email Saturday, personal response received Sunday!!!). Thank you infinitely for this product. Thanks to Pso Natura, I’m living a better life.

Pierre Ch de D. (76) (France)

I found Pso Natura in the APLCP journal (French Society for the Fight Against Psoriasis) where your natural and plant based product seemed to open another door. I’ve been treating psoriasis, whole body, for 54 years. Pso Natura showed results after 3 days and the first real disappearance of patches after 10. My skin feels newborn.

Marie-Thérèse K. - Haut Rhin (France)

Thank you very much ! What else can I say, after 3 days I had very smooth and soft skin and after a month, no more squama, am so happy, still have the circle traces but no ‘crust’ which caused me so much embarrassment, persevering with the treatment, the results are incredible! I am VERY SATISFIED with the product. I recommend it to all, even the sceptics. I live more than 22 000km away, had tried everything my dermatologist had prescribed, I have never had such a good result! THANKING YOU VERY MUCH!

Joelle L - New Caledonia

I’ve been bothered with light, but faithful, psoriasis for 45 years and have tried the whole medical army of products. Nothing has really been effective. Only PUVA therapy gave me temporary respite. I have my reservations though that this treatment causes general problems all over the skin. Since October, I’ve been suffering from a bad hit of psoriasis and I then discovered Pso Natura. After 25 days usage, my psoriasis has reduced by 95%. It’s a great source of hope for me. Pso Natura is easy to use. Thank you very much.

Robert - Cliousclat (France)

For 10 years I’ve suffered from psoriasis on my joints, stomach, legs and scalp. Only cortisone helped a little. With Pso Natura, after a month, all my patches had gone and all my squama had disappeared. On my stomach, legs and scalp I have nothing, my skin is normal. On my elbows it was more resistant but now I only see faint pink traces of what was there before. Thank you!

Carole – Vaux en Velin (France)

40 years of psoriasis. Everything tried with many disappointments and lots of constraints. I tried Pso Natura and noticed nothing in the first 15 days. Using the product is easy however and my motivation finally showed results. I applied twice a day for 2 months and my psoriasis finally disappeared. Phew!!!

Richard – Cahors (France)

Psoriasis has followed me for years. Pso Natura was really effective on me after a month of regular application. Towards the end, I was so excited and wanted to hurry the treatment along that I used cortisone (Diprosone) to push things along for 2-3 days with bandages on the patches during the night. My skin is healthy, I can’t believe it. Happiness!

Marie – Lausanne (Switzerland)

My psoriasis manifests itself in dry, layered skin patches on my legs, arms/hands and head. With Pso Natura, my legs and arms were clear after 3 weeks. My hands took longer (6-7 weeks). I can see fine lines and outlines on my joints, but I’m the only one who notices. There is no comparison with the patches and squama I had before. After 3 weeks I had to change loofah after all my usage and this has definitely helped.

Frédérique – Bruxelles (Belgium)

Pso Natura worked for me and I can confirm it is fantastic! The results themselves are staggering, but alongside this, the Mascareignes Laboratory’s assistance and follow up was amazing. I had questions and they were always on hand to answer, support and encourage me. I’ve never had such a personalised experience with a company. Thank you for your dedication.

Natacha - Laval (France)

Very satisfied with Pso Natura, with very few squama left and a new skin. My timing, this time round, was good as the first time I tried, I was too stressed out and was in the middle of an outbreak. Pso Natura had worked somewhat but hadn’t banished it all. I applied intensively over 2 months this time and it’s all gone.

Christopher – London (UK)

I tried many treatments and old wives tales and finally found on Pso Natura. I knew that one day there would be something developed to help me. I am delighted with the results, even if it means continually following the treatment as Pso Natura does not treat the cause of psoriasis and every now and then, there is reappearance on my elbows (everything else OK).

Linda - Leverkusen

Some examples:

‘Very good product, excellent customer service, good communication, thank you’ Flory.n (487*)
‘Satisfying results, formidable product.’ roxbury55 (17*)
‘Received without problems, cream works very very well and effectively, thank you very much.’ youyou31_123 (12*)
‘Lightning delivery, clear skin after first applications. Thank you.’ pbfouz (180*)
‘Quick delivery, ideal transaction, to be recommended.’ nautila_100 (63*)
‘Effective product. Must be patient. Very professional seller.’ dorian_75 (167*)"