Our founder, Sylvie Meliet talks about her Psoriasis and commits to her Natural Treatment


I am Sylvie Méliet, the founder of Natural Skin Remedy / Laboratoires Mascareignes. I have been suffering from psoriasis for over 20 years.

Therefore, the story and history of our laboratories is the result of my personal experience. Throughout my teenage years and into my adulthood, my psoriasis was a never-ending issue. As I got older, I believed that I had tried everything that was available in a bid to eliminate my psoriasis, yet there appeared to be no solution.

However, one day, in 2004, I made a lucky and pivotal discovery...

 Sylvie Méliet

Whilst visiting Africa, a woman came to me and having looked at my hands, she told me about a small village's century-old ancestral recipe that had been effective in the treatment of many skin ailments. Sceptically, I tried the woman's 'antidote' and followed her instructions. Within one month, my psoriasis had not only vastly improved but had disappeared! Since, I was already a professional within the cosmetics industry, I decided to make it my mission to make this fabulous treatment available to everybody who is in need. From this moment on the Laboratoires Mascareignes were born.

After much discussion, I successfully managed to convince the villagers, within this part of Africa, to give me the secret recipe for this astonishing cure! Currently the locals of this area continue to propagate and care for the raw ingredients and gather the oils and extracts needed to produce our products. It has been a long and difficult road, paved with numerous obstacles, but after much perfecting and clinical trials we produced Pso Natura range and eventually the Akno Natura range.

Today I still use Pso Natura 2 to 3 times a week, as a prevention measure, and even if a psoriasis crisis occurs a few days of using Pso Natura are enough to halt the cutaneous skin imbalances and help my skin rebalance.
psoriasis testimony

I propose today our two exclusive, highly specialised ranges of care:

- Pso Natura for psoriasis, eczema and skin problems such as redness and scaling on the body and scalp

- Akno Natura for Acne problems such as imperfections of combination to very oily skin, suitable for both the face and the body.

In each range, the COMPLEXES are essential. They correspond to the ORIGINAL recipe and form a real cocktail of active, 100% organic ingredients to instantly fight the targeted problems. The proposed Phyto-cares available such as creams, serum, shampoo or capsules are complementary. All our topical treatments are specially made from the oil of the wild Carapa procera (an oil used exclusively by us), to work in synergy with our Care Complexes (in cure / intensive treatment phase) to prolong the effects. They can hence be used daily (as a prevention / maintenance).

Special distinction goes to our Pso Natura Shampoo: a 100% active asset with 0 % of water, with incomparable results to instantly relieve irritated scalps, fight squamas and dandruffs, while protecting your hair.

Do not give up on psoriasis or your skin problems!

Find healthy skin with a simple and natural remedy, this is indeed possible!
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I  chose the distribution of my products on the internet so as to;

-Have global contact
-Provide you with our unique skincare (of limited quantity) at the most reasonable price
-Preserve the delicate balance of our harvest areas
-Support the development of local population, with whom we work in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, who are mostly women

Beyond our products, beyond their unique galenic qualities and their pharmaceutical careful presentation, our expert advisers are at your service by e-mail or telephone to share their experience and help to put all chances of success on your side!