carapa procera

Carapa procera

Found exclusively in our laboratories, the benefits of the wild Carapa procera seed oil are numerous and have been identified by ethno-pharmaceutical research:Reconstruction of the epidermis, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties.

The oil releases, amongst others, Vitamin A, triterpenes (for skin revitalisation), is rich in anti-oxidants, with 7 different limonoides (anti inflammatory agents), is rich in essential, unsaturated fatty acids and Omega 6 which stimulates the immune system (regenerating and nourishing the skin).

potassium vegetal

Plant Potassium

We make our plant based potassium from fresh, wild plants, rigorously selected from the same area as the fabrication which gives us complete results on site without chemical or transport intervention.

Natura Charter

Natura Charter

- 100% active ingredients are plant based.
- Our organic psoriasis skincare formulas contain a high dosage of wild Carapa procera oil
(world exclusivity of our laboratories)
- With an equivalent efficiency, we systematically choose all natural ingredients,
or ingredients of natural origin in trying to eliminate all synthetic ingredients
- All our products contain less than 1% synthetic ingredients with the exception of
the Sebum Control Cream Akno Natura (to render its sun filters effective).
- Contains no chemicals or artificial perfumes.
- Dermatologically tested.
- Not tested on animals nor containing any animal based ingredient.

Regenerating Complex Pso Natura
100% Natural ingredients

Rich Restructuring Cream Pso Natura
Natural ingredients: 89%, naturally based: 10%, artificial: 1%

Dermatological Shampoo Pso Natura
Natural ingredients: 26%, naturally based: 73%, artificial: 1%.

Carapa procera seed oil, potassium

Our "extras" that make the difference for a natural balance on your skin:
* 100% plant based phyto-complex to help with the reconstruction and protection of the epidermis
* Unique traits of wild, rare plants.
* Maintaining our Natura Charter to the highest degree.