Published : 2016-07-25 14:34:39
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1. What does the look of your nails say on your health ?
2. Do you pay attention to the color of your nails?

Nails are not just to be chewed or manicured with beautiful nail polishes. Your nails are in fact tiny windows into your overall health. Here are some great examples.

What does the look of you nails say on your health ?

If your nails are pitted …

If there are little pits in the nails found on the surface of the nails, it is likely they are caused by repetitive strain. However, when these depressions are shaped like a thimble, it may be psoriasis related.

If your nails are bent …

This particular condition of the nail is the sign of a vitamin C and iron deficiency; especially if a pale nail plate accompanies it. This deficiency particularly affects women during their menopause.

If your nails are rippled …

Please note these undulations may be due to eczema but it is more likely due to nail biting or exposing your nails to too many elements.

Do you pay attention to the color or your nails ?

If your nails are yellow …

It is too much keratin that can causes this colouring. The application of a protective varnish without tobacco in can slow down the levels of keratin. Very rarely it can be a sign of mycoses or sinusitis.

If your nails are white …

Exceptionally white nails indicate anaemia or liver disease. However, if you merely have little white marks or dashes then it is most likely a malformation of the Keratin and nothing to worry about!

If your nails are black …

It has almost always been due to a shock or a pinch (which looks like a mole)! However if you notice the spots that form in a band or a "bar code", and do not disappear when pressed; it could be melanoma (tumor), which will heal provided you treat it early!

If your fingernails are blue …

The cause, in most cases, is a hematoma. If you find that the blue spreads over the fullest part of the nails, it is advised that you check your breathing and heart rate with your doctor.

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