What about Escholtzia?

Published : 2016-07-25 14:27:36
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What about Escholtzia?


1. Where does Escholtziat from?
2. A plant with several properties
3. How to consume Escholtziat?

Where does Escholtziat from?

This plant is also part of the family of poppies and thrives in sunny locations and in a dry soil. The Escholtzia comes in a height of 40 cm, with cut olive green leaves. This California State emblem also produces bright-yellow or yellow-orange flowers with four petals. They blossom from spring to summer. There exist some other varieties whose colour range from pink, red or white.

A plant with several properties

Considered as a "restful sleep plant”, this plant gives several properties which do not create any addiction. The main qualities of the Escholtzia reside in its main components, alkaloids. Indeed, they act in the treatment of sleep disorders, nocturnal awakenings and difficulty in falling asleep. Additionally, this plant also niches anticholinergic antispasmodic virtues which help in relieving pain in general, colic, intestinal irritation and cramps.

This plant also has soothing virtue easing nervous systems. Escholtzia also possesses anxiolytics components which fight nervousness, palpitations or feelings of oppression. The "California Poppy” is recognised to alleviate mental disorders by regulating psychological disorders.

How to consume Escholtzia?

The dosage of Escholtzia is relatively simple. Infuse it for 15 minutes in a cup of boiling water; take it before bedtime. Else, you can have it in capsules, as our Detox and Zen capsules Pso Natura which contain Escholtzia to soothe nervousness and stress, often the cause of a trigger psoriasis trace.

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