Psoriasis and cabbage

Published : 2016-07-25 14:10:31
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Psoriasis and cabbage

Cabbage has several properties for your skin and health

Cabbage has been for long related to diet. In fact, this vegetable is well known for its proficiency in the loss of weight. However, cabbage show off many other nutrients that act efficiently on our health.

Acting through a cataplasm. Ancient times revealed that cabbage has been very often used by Romans during wars to sanitize and cure wounds. Till now, cabbage is being used to calm several troubles: In fact, this vegetable is used in case of respiratory problems in vacating and relieving the respiratory system. For this, you should set the cabbage cataplasm on the throat and on the chest.

During a sudden blow, wound, graze or irritations, cabbage cataplasm is an ideal relief. Cabbage calm several skin aggressions as well.

This vegetable help in soothing skin disorders. Particularly on articular pain, cabbage cataplasm is perfect to calm and provide comfort while smoothing out muscles. During headache the cabbage cataplasm provides real comfort and sooth the pain.

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