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Acne scars, Blackhead ans other imperfections: Questions and Answers

The following is a list of questions that are most frequently asked. We aim to answer them clearly, seriously and with sincerity. Please remember that the Akno Natura skincare products are not medicines, but natural derma-cosmetic organic care products, resulting from phyto-cosmetic research. Throughout the centuries, its effectiveness has been proven in the treatment of various skin ailments, pimples, blackheads and particular skin problems associated with acne.

Types of Acne

There are various forms of acne of differing severity (from light to severe), occurring at any age (from baby to adult). The Akno Natura range can be used exclusively or complementary with other treatments. It is not a medicine but derma-cosmetic treatment and does not fight the causes of acne. If your acne persists, consult your dermatologist.

Akno Natura is suitable for whom ?

Can a 4-year old use the Complex Akno Natura® on their spots ?

Yes, but since their skin is delicate, you should massage gently with the loofah sponge and avoid irritating it by using light, surface exfoliating movements.

Can I use Akno Natura for my acne and bad skin ?

Yes, whatever your age and the number of years you have been affected by acne, the Akno Natura range is suitable.

It has undergone clinical testing and ensures real and visible results against the majority of skin imperfections resulting from acne.

The Regulating Complex' components help, amongst other things, to reduce and regulate sebum, accelerate the cure process and smooth the skin to facilitate its regeneration.
First results are visible within a few days.

It will take between 10 days to 10 weeks, depending on the severity of the lesions, to restore skin balance.

My baby has acne, can I do anything?

Acne can be seen on babies aged just a few weeks, possibly caused by the transfer of the mother's hormones, through the placenta.  It should disappear spontaneously and naturally.

I am currently undergoing medical treatment for my acne, should I stop it ?

No ! The Complex Akno Natura is a derma-cosmetic treatment, not a medicine. Being a 100% natural, surface treatment, it is compatible with other treatments.

A sudden interruption of your medical treatment would put you at risk of a big reappearance of your cutaneous lesions.
You should continue your medical treatment in addition to Akno Natura® treatment and consult your dermatologist.

I suffer from moderate to severe acne, and I am undergoing an antibiotics treatment. Can I use Akno Natura® to accelerate the cure?

Yes, you can use the Complex to complement your antibiotics.

As the Complex is completely organic and applied topically (on the skin surface), the internal/external positive effects are complementary.

The antibiotics will decrease inflammation and destroy the micro-organisms, while the Complex will deal with exfoliating, heal and reduce surface lesions.

I still have spots despite a good personal hygiene. What can I do more ?

Acne is not from poor hygiene. On the contrary, cleaning the skin too drastically can have adverse effects by accentuating sebum production and by delaying the healing process. You should not use a soap with a high fat content (e.g. Marseilles) but rather a dermatological type or the Serum Akno Natura® and the Complex Akno Natura which also serve as specific cleansing products.

Should I lengthen the massage for more effectiveness?

Let us first examine the question of time. Our recommendation is as follows: when you have applied the Complex Akno Natura® to the loofah and the product starts to foam, massage for approximately 30 seconds so that the foam turns into a lather and releases the maximum active ingredients. If you massage longer, you risk irritating your skin and spots with the loofah.

If you wish, you can leave the foam to act for one minute after the massage, before rinsing. It can only be beneficial to your skin.

Noticed no real improvements with my spots after 1 week of use ?

Don’t panic! Many people see changes after 3 days, the skin becomes smoother, but beware:
1. It does not mean that the skin acne is all gone, however far from its recurrence.
2. We have to establish averages, but having said that, the reaction time can sometimes be a little longer. This will vary from case to case.

If you notice a small change, it is already a good sign, even if this change is not as great as you would have hoped for. Do not become over-anxious.

Give yourself a little more time, stay Zen… and do not give way to stress. This will only make your acne worse. As you know, stress is a powerful contributor to spots and acne.

Try to be as relaxed as possible and have confidence and patience !

The ingredients of the Complex Akno Natura and Restructuring Cream Akno Natura are particularly active as the exposure to the skin is only a few minutes per day.

Prevent spots from returning, what to do ?

After the spots and blackheads have disappeared, continue using Akno Natura® every night for 2 weeks.

For an in-depth treatment, maintain the treatment by applying the product 2-3 times per week, since each individual's case is variable. Therefore, it is up to each individual to evaluate his/her own needs of maintenance.

You need to no longer be afraid of the spots: if an attack occurs, Akno Natura will respond to it within a few days only.

My skin looks pink, what should I do?

The massage and patting may have activated the blood circulation of the surface micro blood vessels, which explains the pinkness.

This condition is a temporary phase in the regeneration process. If, however, you feel that this pinkish colour is a warning of imminent irritation, it is advisable to re-evaluate your massaging and patting technique with the loofah; it may not be light enough.

Do loofahs wear out?

Yes, it is advisable to replace it when you feel that it is no longer performing its exfoliating function correctly.

With daily use, you should change your loofah after approximately 8 weeks, sometimes sooner if you use it more often.

Loofahs are available on our website and are environmental friendly; 100% biodegradable.
Read more on Akno Loofahs.

Acne or Spots on Sensitive Areas

Is it safe to use Akno Natura® on genitalia (M or F)?

No. To be really effective, Akno Natura® must be applied with a loofah. With spots on the pubis, there is not a problem.
On sensitive areas such as the labia or penis, exfoliation with the loofah is, of course, out of question.

Can I use Complex Akno Natura® on my face?

Yes, the composition of the loofah of the Akno Natura Complex is specially designed for the face (round shaped with soft, tender fibres).
However, the loofah should be used carefully. Use tapping motions or massage as lightly as you can, depending on your skin.

We recommend that you always use a moisturising cream on the treated parts of the face. It will alleviate the after-effects of exfoliation and hydrate the skin, which is always recommended for acne in any case.

You may sometimes notice some small red patches, which disappear quickly but they could also be a sign that you need to massage more gently.

Avoid any contact with the eyes. There is no great risk, but the stinging would be very unpleasant. In the event of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Can I use Complex Akno Natura® on the eyelids?

Unfortunately not. The Complex produces white foam which stings the eyes.

Moreover, it is necessary to use a loofah sponge (provided) to stimulate the action of the Complex. This is, of course, out of question for a sensitive area like the eyelids.

On the other hand, all other skincare products from the Akno Natura range can be used.