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Acne Spots and Imperfections - Akno Natura a Nature's Gift commitment

Akno Natura forms an efficient plant based treatment against acne, blackheads, white heads, oily skins and other skin disorders on face, back and shoulders.

Our organics acne treatment is suitable and has a proven efficiency in cases such as oily skin, acne during pregnancy and adult acne as well.

Our unique natural ingredient, the Carapa procera oil is exceptional! It stimulates healing of irritations and revitalise acne skins in providing vitamin A and natural anti-oxydant. Its richness in Omega 6 and fatty acids reifnorces the skin defence. With profound scientific research, we have decoded the specific virtues of this plant and use it in our skincare cosmetics against Acne, Skin blemishes, Psoriasis and Eczema.

Since 2006, thousands of people have given overwhelming support to the Akno Natura skincare range.


  • Our star treatment

    Blackheads, whiteheads, acne scars, THE treatment

    The Akno Natura Regulating Complex has become a treatment to reference, the first essential step in an anti-acne caring ritual for combination to oily skin.
    It is a 3 in 1 solution with fast and incomparable results to fight against Acne, Blacheads, Whiteheads, Pimples... More

  • Pure Skin Capsules

    A natural remedy from the inside out

    Skin Capsules against Acne
    Natural complement to the Akno Natra range.

    Natural capsules with zinc and plants to better fight acne and imperfections with a natural remedy from the inside out. More

  • Tips and Hints

    Acne Solutions: Tips and Hints to win the fight!

    To gradually improve acne, we recommend that you change your eating habits to more appropriate foods.

    Our selection of recommendations against acne

    *Wheat germ flakes on their own contains the vitamins B and E and Zinc.
    Sprinkling the equivalent of a teaspoonful (10g) on your food every day can help to avoid spots (not suitable for Celiacs).

    *Enjoy fish and seafood with a little butter and a dash of lemon juice to increase the intake of vitamins A and C.

    *Whole grain cereals have a lot of silicic acid, especially Zinc. They are excellent for small the inflammatory foci and they facilitate hydration, as well as strengthening the hair.
    We recommend swapping your muesli for mashed whole-grain cereals, with milk.

    *Eat more offal ! This might not sound appealing but increasing your level of pork and calves' liver can not only be hugely beneficial, with a 100g portion producing 70 times our daily requirements of vitamin B, 27 times of vitamin A and more than half of the zinc, but it also delicious !
    We recommend pan-frying the liver and serving with mushrooms and green vegetables !

    *Fresh bean sprouts are excellent at fighting pimples and blackheads. This is due to their high content of pyridoxine, which helps to purify the skin.
     Boil the bean sprouts and then cool in ice water to prevent flatulence.

    To truly target acne, any imbalances in trace elements (zinc) and vitamins within the body, should ideally be restored to allow the body to re-establish its natural detoxifying and restructuring functions.

    Being healthy on the inside really shows on the outside! For fast and targeted actions, we recommend our organic capsules Akno Natura Pure Skin Capsules.

    Acne skin and its food "enemies"

    *Stop consuming full-cream milk and if possible, all dairy products.
    (We recommend conducting a trial period to test yourself and your skin's reaction to dairy products).

    *A gluten intolerance can worsen Acne and may be lying undiscovered. Therefore, discard all foods containing gluten.
    This includes: wheat, barley, rye, oats (split and derivatives), bread (except Essene Bread - loaves made with sprouted grains), pasta, semolina, flour, etc.
    Carbohydrates that do not contain gluten include rice, millet, corn, chestnuts, potatoes, quinoa or germinated cereals....

    *Do not drink sweetened beverages containing toxins.
    For example: Coke, phosphoric acid, caffeine, alcohol or any chemical substance.

    *Restrict sugar and sugary products, especially those containing refined sugar.

  • Testimonials Acne


    To overcome their acne, pimples and blemishes, our customers chose our natural care.
    Many of them had already tried several treatments before trying the Akno Natura skincare range.

    Read their experience and please feel free to testify your own personal experiences too. Thank you.


    Acne on the chin, adult acne

    I ordered the Regulating Complex and Cream Akno Natura range and the capsules as to improve my year-long acne problem. The result is spectacular ! I essentially suffered from acne on the chin during my periods. I had to endure it each month for 2 weeks, in short I was having spots and microkysts most of the time. Using the Regulating Complex with the loofah sponge every night for a week and then regularly during the 3 following weeks, I could see the results. On top of that, I've also been using the matifying cream and the capsules for a month. Since, every imperfection is gone. I am now only using the Akno Natura products, when I can feels that pimples are on their way back. My skin manages very well !  Thank you!
    Sandrine M.  


    Moderate acne, Adult acne at 22 ans

    You were somehow my last chance (I am 22 and still suffering from moderate acne) and.... it did work on my acne !  It took me 6 months (results were quite slow in my case) with various "attacks" during this period, now my acne is nearly all gone. I sometimes see fat pimples coming back, but I get rid of them within a couple of days. I have been using your product, the Complex, for 10 months and am very satisfied. I tried lately to stop the treatment, thinking that my skin was now back to normal (while still going on with a proper cleansing and a strict hydration routine), within 2 weeks several spots came up on my forehead ! Akno Natura is though THE miracle solution, when used together with a good skin hygiene and moisiturising. I regained self-confidence !
    Marine W. Puy L'eveque

    Acne natural treatment compared to medicines

    Congratulations to you for your products that gave me perfect skin. Because of heavy medical treatments prescribed by dermatologists, I ended in a hospital with a haemorrhage. I would have died if 2 blood transfusions were not undertaken. So, well done with your natural skincare range and go on dispensing them. Many thanks.
    G. de Misérieux


    Teenage Acne,  Akno Natura results

    I ordered Akno Natura for my 13 year old son, again, a big THANK YOU for your ‘miracle' products. I've been a client of yours since the beginning. Acne doesn't scare me anymore ! ! ! When I think back to my teenage years, I didn't even want to have children because of the fear of passing it onto them !

    When my son developed acne, I didn't even think of going to the doctor, straight to Akno Natura !
    I can see you are growing in success, and like other people here, I ask myself if you'll always be able to supply your ever growing public???
    Thank you also for the fast delivery (incredible !)
    Hélène LIBERT

  • FAQ

    Acne scars, Blackhead ans other imperfections: Questions and Answers

    The following is a list of questions that are most frequently asked. We aim to answer them clearly, seriously and with sincerity. Please remember that the Akno Natura skincare products are not medicines, but natural derma-cosmetic organic care products, resulting from phyto-cosmetic research. Throughout the centuries, its effectiveness has been proven in the treatment of various skin ailments, pimples, blackheads and particular skin problems associated with acne.

    Types of Acne

    There are various forms of acne of differing severity (from light to severe), occurring at any age (from baby to adult). The Akno Natura range can be used exclusively or complementary with other treatments. It is not a medicine but derma-cosmetic treatment and does not fight the causes of acne. If your acne persists, consult your dermatologist.

    Akno Natura is suitable for whom ?

    Can a 4-year old use the Complex Akno Natura® on their spots ?

    Yes, but since their skin is delicate, you should massage gently with the loofah sponge and avoid irritating it by using light, surface exfoliating movements.

    Can I use Akno Natura for my acne and bad skin ?

    Yes, whatever your age and the number of years you have been affected by acne, the Akno Natura range is suitable.

    It has undergone clinical testing and ensures real and visible results against the majority of skin imperfections resulting from acne.

    The Regulating Complex' components help, amongst other things, to reduce and regulate sebum, accelerate the cure process and smooth the skin to facilitate its regeneration.
    First results are visible within a few days.

    It will take between 10 days to 10 weeks, depending on the severity of the lesions, to restore skin balance.

    My baby has acne, can I do anything?

    Acne can be seen on babies aged just a few weeks, possibly caused by the transfer of the mother's hormones, through the placenta.  It should disappear spontaneously and naturally.

    I am currently undergoing medical treatment for my acne, should I stop it ?

    No ! The Complex Akno Natura is a derma-cosmetic treatment, not a medicine. Being a 100% natural, surface treatment, it is compatible with other treatments.

    A sudden interruption of your medical treatment would put you at risk of a big reappearance of your cutaneous lesions.
    You should continue your medical treatment in addition to Akno Natura® treatment and consult your dermatologist.

    I suffer from moderate to severe acne, and I am undergoing an antibiotics treatment. Can I use Akno Natura® to accelerate the cure?

    Yes, you can use the Complex to complement your antibiotics.

    As the Complex is completely organic and applied topically (on the skin surface), the internal/external positive effects are complementary.

    The antibiotics will decrease inflammation and destroy the micro-organisms, while the Complex will deal with exfoliating, heal and reduce surface lesions.

    I still have spots despite a good personal hygiene. What can I do more ?

    Acne is not from poor hygiene. On the contrary, cleaning the skin too drastically can have adverse effects by accentuating sebum production and by delaying the healing process. You should not use a soap with a high fat content (e.g. Marseilles) but rather a dermatological type or the Serum Akno Natura® and the Complex Akno Natura which also serve as specific cleansing products.

    Should I lengthen the massage for more effectiveness?

    Let us first examine the question of time. Our recommendation is as follows: when you have applied the Complex Akno Natura® to the loofah and the product starts to foam, massage for approximately 30 seconds so that the foam turns into a lather and releases the maximum active ingredients. If you massage longer, you risk irritating your skin and spots with the loofah.

    If you wish, you can leave the foam to act for one minute after the massage, before rinsing. It can only be beneficial to your skin.

    Noticed no real improvements with my spots after 1 week of use ?

    Don’t panic! Many people see changes after 3 days, the skin becomes smoother, but beware:
    1. It does not mean that the skin acne is all gone, however far from its recurrence.
    2. We have to establish averages, but having said that, the reaction time can sometimes be a little longer. This will vary from case to case.

    If you notice a small change, it is already a good sign, even if this change is not as great as you would have hoped for. Do not become over-anxious.

    Give yourself a little more time, stay Zen… and do not give way to stress. This will only make your acne worse. As you know, stress is a powerful contributor to spots and acne.

    Try to be as relaxed as possible and have confidence and patience !

    The ingredients of the Complex Akno Natura and Restructuring Cream Akno Natura are particularly active as the exposure to the skin is only a few minutes per day.

    Prevent spots from returning, what to do ?

    After the spots and blackheads have disappeared, continue using Akno Natura® every night for 2 weeks.

    For an in-depth treatment, maintain the treatment by applying the product 2-3 times per week, since each individual's case is variable. Therefore, it is up to each individual to evaluate his/her own needs of maintenance.

    You need to no longer be afraid of the spots: if an attack occurs, Akno Natura will respond to it within a few days only.

    My skin looks pink, what should I do?

    The massage and patting may have activated the blood circulation of the surface micro blood vessels, which explains the pinkness.

    This condition is a temporary phase in the regeneration process. If, however, you feel that this pinkish colour is a warning of imminent irritation, it is advisable to re-evaluate your massaging and patting technique with the loofah; it may not be light enough.

    Do loofahs wear out?

    Yes, it is advisable to replace it when you feel that it is no longer performing its exfoliating function correctly.

    With daily use, you should change your loofah after approximately 8 weeks, sometimes sooner if you use it more often.

    Loofahs are available on our website and are environmental friendly; 100% biodegradable.
    Read more on Akno Loofahs.

    Acne or Spots on Sensitive Areas

    Is it safe to use Akno Natura® on genitalia (M or F)?

    No. To be really effective, Akno Natura® must be applied with a loofah. With spots on the pubis, there is not a problem.
    On sensitive areas such as the labia or penis, exfoliation with the loofah is, of course, out of question.

    Can I use Complex Akno Natura® on my face?

    Yes, the composition of the loofah of the Akno Natura Complex is specially designed for the face (round shaped with soft, tender fibres).
    However, the loofah should be used carefully. Use tapping motions or massage as lightly as you can, depending on your skin.

    We recommend that you always use a moisturising cream on the treated parts of the face. It will alleviate the after-effects of exfoliation and hydrate the skin, which is always recommended for acne in any case.

    You may sometimes notice some small red patches, which disappear quickly but they could also be a sign that you need to massage more gently.

    Avoid any contact with the eyes. There is no great risk, but the stinging would be very unpleasant. In the event of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

    Can I use Complex Akno Natura® on the eyelids?

    Unfortunately not. The Complex produces white foam which stings the eyes.

    Moreover, it is necessary to use a loofah sponge (provided) to stimulate the action of the Complex. This is, of course, out of question for a sensitive area like the eyelids.

    On the other hand, all other skincare products from the Akno Natura range can be used.

  • Acne Info


    Below we have compiled a list of some of the existing treatments for acne, as well as information on acne itself.

    (We aim to present to you the various alternatives proposed by both traditional medicine and non-medicinal treatments that address the problems of skin imperfections for those suffering from a mixed to oily complexion).

    Acne, and treatment of acne

    Straight forward definitions of the different types of acne and the advantages and inconveniences of the existing treatments for acne.

    Small imperfections, open pores or too much shininess can make life miserable for many of us. Yet there doesn't seem to be a one-size-fits-all solution - Why can't we all be the same when facing these problems? What causes these problems and how can we solve them?

    We have summarised some current solutions and habits that can be performed on a daily basis, as well as certain treatments of a more serious nature that should only be carried out under the advice and guidance of your medical professional.

    Black, White or Red heads: Acne related skin problems affect 80% of people aged 11 to 30 years old. 1 out of every 20 adults are prone to persistent acne flare-ups.

    Whatever your age, acne occurs as a result of an obstruction in the sebaceous glands (producers of sebum) and the arrival of lesions - blackheads and infected spots.
    A multitude of treatments, both medical and holistic, exist for acne.

    However, very often these produce disappointing results and sometimes sever discomfort; for example:
    some cases call for Acidic Vitamin A, which requires an avoidance of the sun combined with of course of oral antibiotics.

    A Step-by-Step Guide to the progression of acne

    1) Hyper Seborrhoea

    During adolescence, a hormone called testosterone stimulates the sebaceous glands. This causes them to produce an excessive quantity of sebum. It is this sebum that, once evacuated by the hair shaft, makes the skin shiny.

    2) Hyperkeratosis

    Cells, in the hair shaft duct, can accumulate and form a blockage, thus preventing the release of sebum. A blackhead or a micro cyst is then formed.

    3) Bacterial contamination

    The blockage then becomes a target for bacteria, which is naturally present on the skin. The bacteria begins to multiply and feed on this blockage.

    4) Inflammation

    It is the worsening of the blockage which causes irritation and inflammation. These two phenomena lead to the formation of the red and painful acne pimple.

    Find out more at the British Association of Dermatologist.

    Current acne treatment

    Simple, natural and efficient remedy for acne
    Our derma-cosmetic laboratory offers a totally new non-pharmaceutical remedy:
    The Akno Natura range, a treatment for acne that has produced superb results in many cases.

    All of the active ingredients of the Complex Akno Natura are plant-based, biological and 100% natural. It can act as an alternative to medicinal treatments or be used as a complementary treatment to a medicinal program (we advise that you consult with your dermatologist before changing your treatment plan).

    Its excellent results and its ease of use have made it an ever increasing choice for people suffering from skin imperfections (light to moderate acne).

    And also...

    1) Benzoyl Peroxide - external application for spots

    Benzoyl peroxide is a chemical molecule. Discovered in 1856, it was first used in the plastics industry. Since1965, this molecule has been used in medicine against light to moderate acne.

    Action: primarily bactericidal (no proven action on sebaceous secretions, very weak comedlytic action).

    Form: gel, lotion, pad or cream, various concentrations (1% to 10%), according to the severity of the acne.

    Disadvantages: Usage (can stain hair and clothes), no exposure to the sun and UV rays allowed, not to be used on sensitive areas such as the neck or neckline.

    Principal risks: 1 out of 4 patients on average develop irritations, or even erythema and peeling. 5% of patients develop contact eczema.

    Principal commercial names: Aknefug (lotion 5/10%): Switzerland, Akneroxud (gel 5%) Belgium, Switzerland, Brevoxyl: Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Cutacnyl: France, Effacne (gel 5%): France, Switzerland, Lubexyl (emulsion 4%): Switzerland, Pangel: Belgium, Pannoge (France), PanOxyl(gel 5/10 %): France, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, OXY10 (cream 10%) United Kingdom.

    2) Zinc-Oral ingestion, important to fight acne

    Zinc is a natural trace element. Its anti-inflammatory action can be beneficial to fighting acne. It does not, however, have a proven, significant comedolytic, anti-bacterial or anti-seborrheic action.

    It is therefore used as a complementary to local treatment.

    Usage: Orally, in various concentrations, without prescription.

    Risks: Digestive disorders in 1 out of 2, avoid if allergic to gluten.

    Principal commercial names: Effizinc, Rubozinc, Centrum, Seven Seas, Bassets, Efalex.

    To prevent the above mentioned disorders, we have developed our Pure Skin Capsules Akno Natura with a full re-balancing effect of zinc. Also with beta-carotene, vitamins C and E and Vitamin A to associate with your external phyto-care.

    The Akno Natura Care is a comprehensive organic treatment.

    3) Antibiotics in local or general applications against severe Acne

    Antibiotics can treat acne effectively. However, the treatments are harsh, often constraining and prescribed in severe cases of acne and after initially having tried other less serious solutions.

    Usage: Antibiotics can be treated locally (lotions, creams or gels) or taken orally.

    Avoid: Pregnant women and young children.

    Disadvantages: users must not expose themselves to the sun and UV rays, or use on sensitive areas such as the neck or neckline.

    Risks: Headaches, tiredness and redness. These treatments are effective but often require permanent follow-up treatment, over many years, and must imperatively be stopped in the event of trying to get pregnant.

    Orally: Beware of possible digestive disorders. Those allergic to tetracycline should avoid this route completely.

    Principal commercial names: TOPICAL: Dalacin T, containing clindamycin; Akne-mycin/2000, Aknilox Gel, Eryaknen,Eryderm, Inderm, containing erythromycin. ORALLY: Compared to other antibiotics recommended in the acne treatment (doxycyclin, tetracycline, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxamol,erythromycin), it is minocyclin, in the usual dosage of 50 mg, twice a day, which results in the best rate of Propionibacterium Acne elimination: Aknin-N,Aknoral, Mianc50, Minocin.

    NEW: There are new antibiotics currently undergoing tests called azthromycin Zithromax, minocyclin (Minocin) with increased dosages (150 mg/day).

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  • The Akno Natura Regulating Complex has become a treatment to reference, the first essential step in an anti-acne caring ritual for combination to oily skin.

    5.0 / 5
    45,90 €
  • Natural capsules with zinc and plants A poor diet, pollution and stress generate vitamin and trace element deficiencies. Toxins accumulate, disrupting the body and causing skin disorders (pimples, blackheads, inflammations...)

    5.0 / 5
    24,90 €
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