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Psoriasis treatment: Pso Natura, 4 natural efficient skincare

To fight against your psoriasis, redness and itchings,

To relieve psoriasis on the face, body and scalp.

Pso Natura is a plant-based range of 4 products efficient in relieving, treating and disappearing of psoriasis traces, flakes and squamous skins. It is also efficient in soothing and eliminating completely itichings on body and scalp.

These natural skincare product is non-addicctive and has got proven efficiecy result in a month average. Teh skin becomes more and more soft and traces and squamas disappears progressively. All this Naturally!

Notice: Psoriasis cannot be cured. Pso Natura products do not intend to cure Psoriasis but to eliminate all the symptoms produced by psoriasis.


  • Psoriasis : our star...

    Overcome psoriasis quickly

    The Regenerating Complex originates from an ancestral remedy dedicated to Kings and Pharaohs of Africa. Formulated with oil of Carapa procera, it helps soothe the itching associated with psoriasis, to blur the traces and squama within 1 month on average. product detail

    A medical device

    The Regenerating Complex is a medical device, that is to say, a product for the prevention and treatment of a disease, i.e. psoriasis. It acts mechanically and not chemically on the body.

    Within a month of use, the traces due to psoriasis disappear. The Complex scored 94% efficiency in our last clinical test, a formidably high and comparable score to that of cortisone with the difference that we are talking about a natural treatment against psoriasis.

    In times of cure, we strongly recommend a twice-daily use. The speed of treatment since it takes only one to two minutes is a real asset that allows to use the skincare over time, without tiring.

    We also recommend to use the treatment directly under the shower to save time and thus integrate the care to your daily routine without having to dedicate an extra time for it.

    The discovery of this natural care

    The Complex is the first product developed by Sylvie Meliet, founder of the Mascarene Laboratories. The first product in the range Pso Natura and the first product that launched the adventure of the Laboratories.

    Chance or fate, thanks to a trip to Africa, Sylvie Meliet discovered the amazing properties of the oil of Carapa procera. She was assured that she
    could cure her psoriasis from which she was suffering since she was a teen. Skeptical after many years of product testing of all kinds without results, she nevertheless decided to have a try.

    Within a month, to her surprise, all psoriasis traces disappeared, and also symbolized a new turn in her life. She decided to offer this African ancestral remedy to help as many people with psoriasis.

    She visited the village of Guinea perpetuating the ancestral manufacturing of the skincare, founded an association with the women of the village. Today this association has been recognized as an NGO (non governmental organization). It operates on the principles of fair trade and works for planting Carapa procera around the village.

  • Psoriasis Cream

    The ideal cream for scaling skin

    Rich and moisturizing, it is dedicated to the treatment of dry to very dry skin, with scales or flakes, related for example to psoriasis. It combines a fatty acid concentration with an emollient texture and leaves the skin smooth and silky. See details

    To help cure psoriasis: Hydration

    A psoriasis affected skin is a suffering skin. A moisturizing cream is therefore an essential step to relieve psoriasis and take care of your skin.

    In cases of psoriasis, the skin is fragile, thinned, dry or very dry. Moreover, it usually causes itchiness. Psoriasis itself provokes skin dehydration: The affected skin is renewed more quickly which induces dryness of the skin.  A study involving 70 Korean patients * shows that the dryness of psoriatic lesions appears to be correlated with the overall severity of the disease. (* Clinical & Experimental Dermatology, Volume 27 Issue 2 Page 147 - March 2002).

    The moisturizer should be as rich as possible (thus fat) and frequently applied (at least twice a day, after treatment with the Complex). Hydration for psoriasis sufferers is therefore part of the treatment, rather than being purely cosmetic.

    Moisturising the skin daily slows down the skin renewal by 50%. The skin’s protection barrier against external stresses is renewed and the epidermis regains some of its elasticity and suppleness.

    Symptoms of a psoriatic skin are quite similar visually to hydration disorder:
     - Thickened stratum corneaum (top layer of the epidermis)
     - A rougher appearance of the skin
     - Disruption of the transformation process of profilaggrin into filaggrin
     - Dermal inflammation.

    In addition, certain psoriasis treatments (keratolytic treatments for example) also dry out the skin further.

    The hydration of Psoriasis is a must to:
    - Regulate keratinisation and desquamation;
    - Maintain the integrity of the skin barrier and prevent further damage;
    - Regulate the dermal inflammatory process;
    - Fight against dryness caused by specific treatments (Vit A, calcipotriol, PUVA ....);
    - Moisturise the skin, and the psoriasis symptoms.

  • Shampoo scalp psoriasis

    Scalp Psoriasis, dandruff

    This ultra-concentrated shampoo acts on both symptoms of scalp psoriasis: It immediately relieves itchiness and helps remove dandruff and white crusts. Product detail

    The shampoo is formulated without water, and therefore enabling the active ingredients to act more efficiently to relieve scalp psoriasis.

    It is scented with eucalyptus essential oil for a more enjoyable experience.

    Psoriasis and itchy scalp

    The scalp psoriasis has two major consequences; it generates on one hand dandruff - small white flakes that crumble and may discourage the sufferer from wearing dark clothes. On the other hand, it is usually accompanied by severe itchiness, especially during outbreaks of psoriasis. Many people talk about scratching in the night until they bleed.

    Scratching the psoriasis plaques or redness can certainly cause relief at first, but it makes the situation worse.

    Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease; skin rubbing is interpreted as an aggression. The skin "protects itself" by overproducing cells. Instead of a 28-day conventional cellular renewal, the skin regenerates more quickly, every 4-5 days on average. Then dandruff appears, as a result of this overproduction, building ultimately a "stack" of cells.

    Scratching psoriasis is therefore considered as an attack on the skin. It stimulates cell overproduction.

    It is a circle; the equation is not simple to solve:

    How to scratch your scalp without irritating it?
    - Soothe the skin by passing it under cold water;
    - You can also use a cotton glove not to damage the skin;
    - Blowing cold air over the scalp can also soothe the itchiness;
    - Cut and file your nails, rub gently with, for example, the palm of your hand or your fingertips.

  • Detox & Zen Capsules

    A supplement for the treatment of psoriasis

    To complete the treatment of psoriasis, these targeted capsules help detoxify the digestive system and liver and also soothe the nervous system. They therefore help to calm and reduce the stress too often responsible for outbreaks of psoriasis. View +

    Influence of the digestive system on skin health

    Digestive and intestinal disorders are often the cause of skin problems. Sometimes overloaded or tired, the digestive system and liver fail to do their job properly. They fail to eliminate the toxins which may then directly impact the skin.
    The link between digestive weakness and psoriasis has not been scientifically established yet. However there are strong indications that this is the case. That is why we decided to create our capsules to help with these internal disorders.
    Following the treatment for 2 months needs to accompanied by a healthy diet.

    Stress and Psoriasis

    Although stress is not solely responsible in triggering psoriasis outbreaks; it is recognised as a contributing factor. Reducing stress does not cure psoriasis but helps reduce it as it brings a beneficial calming interior health and mind which is therefore beneficial against psoriasis.

    So why would stress be a trigger or aggravating factor? This is explained by a mechanical reaction of the brain:
    - Every small or great anxiety creates neurotransmitters;
    - These molecules promote inflammation of the skin;
    - Inflammation also occurs when the skin feels under attack, the skin cells then begin to multiply.

    In the case of psoriatic person, the cell renewal is much quicker and extensive than normal. For this reason, in some cases, stress will generate flare-ups. The link between stress and psoriasis is unmistakable and unanimously recognised by many study centers, researchers, doctors and naturopaths.

    "Feeling good inside and out", is the motto driving our Laboratory research to better fight against psoriasis. These dietary supplements treat the causes of psoriasis from the inside. The capsules are therefore recommended as part of the comprehensive treatment of psoriasis.

  • Tips and hints

    Fight and heal psoriasis

    To fight against your psoriasis effectively,
    try to monitor your movements and behaviour.

    Psoriasis, in the main, starts to appear on the joints.
    This is simply because it is aggravated by scraping and scratching against materials:

    Avoid putting your elbows on the table
    Think about your hand movements
    A ring could cause irritation, adjust if necessary.
    Knees and behind calves, avoid overly crossing legs.
    Underwear: Some fabrics can irritate the skin
    Bras and the elastic on the back can rub, change if needed
    Knickers and pants: look for negative reactions. Lace can also be an irritant.

    Always moisturise your skin to reduce your psoriasis patches !

    Keep your morale

    Even if your psoriasis is body wide, do not be discouraged. While the Complex Pso Natura is easy to use, choose your initial targets in visible places (face, arms, and legs for example). When the psoriasis squama and redness have gone from these places, move to bigger, less visible targets !

    When your psoriasis is itching

    • Something important to remember, try to avoid scratching your patches when they itch.
      Soothe your skin with a rich moisturiser.

    • Be on the alert: if you feel any upcoming psoriasis flare-ups, treat the area before the formation of its flakes.

    Hot water is the enemy of psoriasis

    Very hot water can aggravate sensitive skin prone to psoriasis which will lead to flare-ups.

    • When washing up, use gloves if hands are sensitive.

    • Under the shower, ensure the water is not too hot.

    Corticoid creams for psoriasis

    • The disadvantages are numerous (addictive, dangerous for skin, limited effectiveness on stubborn, long term flare-ups).

      Use intermittently, over 2-3 days, as a complement to Pso Natura. This can increase the rate of psoriasis disappearance.
      Please consult your dermatologist prior to using.

    • Some corticoid treatments come as a cream or pommade. Our customers tell us that the pommade is more effective.

    • Our advice: Apply in the evening, place a bandage over the psoriasis patches for 24 hours,
      we find the improvement is ten-fold!

    A reasonable exposure to sunlight can alleviate the psoriasis patches.
    For certain types of psoriasis, dermatologists recommend special UV treatment.

    Sea swimming / Baths for psoriasis

    Before doing this, we recommend a damp sand scrub over the areas affected by psoriasis or eczema. Scrub with care before going into the sea.
    All this is accompanied by exposure to natural sunlight.

    Reappearance of psoriasis happens less quickly, however you must repeat the process. This alternative therefore quickly becomes very expensive.
    You can bring the mudpackets back home.

    From personal experience, you have to leave them drying for 20 minutes without being able to move or touch anything as the mud is black and stains everything.
    Our founder Sylvie Méliet explains: "The process was so lengthy that after 3 days my morale was at rock-bottom and I gave up".
    It is the mud from the Dead Sea which really helps. The packets of salt impregnated with mud are way less effective.

    The high proportion of salt (30%) and potassium has made this place famous for its healing properties, especially for skin problems like psoriasis.
    The results of the Dead Sea mud bath are effective and fades patches of psoriasis.

    Distress your psoriasis by relaxation

    Psoriasis develops and worsens in times of stress or anxiety.
    Taking up an activity like yoga, Zen techniques or other balancing practices could help in your battle against psoriasis.

  • Testimonials Psoriasis

    Testimonials about psoriasis treatment

    Read on to see how our clients have been able to tackle and control their psoriasis and eczema thanks to Pso Natura products.

    Thank you

    I have been using the shampoo for 2/3 months and the psoriasis on my scalp has receeded a great deal. Although I have not used it every day, I have rarely missed more than one day, and the change and improvement motivates me to persist.  Since other treatments have given partial benefits at best, I had left the areas untreated for quite some time.  Despite this I now have every reason to look forward to a further improvement, and hope to maintain this with less frequent washing in the coming months.  I have mentioned this to my hairdresser who had already seen the extent of the change, and who was very interested to know about the product.  Thank you again.

    Gordon P.

    Pso Natura, an effective treatment against guttate psoriasis

    A big THANK YOU for the Pso Natura products ! They have really contributed a lot along with the acupuncture and slightly modified diet to help me reduce my psoriasis. Finally, the tremendous crisis of more than one year, for which I wasted my life has calm down (I had guttate psoriasis all over the body!).
    I still have small stubborn traces of psoriasis but they whiten day by day under the combined effect of the Regenerating Complex and the Rich Restructuring Cream.

    I obtain far better results with Pso Natura than from UVB phototherapy which I nevertheless followed for 5 months, three times a week ! The Complex Pso Natura  and the Cream is a great duo that I recommend to all those who want a soft and natural alternative to high doses of cortisone (which did not work for me!).

    On my part, for daily hydration, I alternate (1 out of 2 days) the Rich Cream Pso Natura with a different cream (Avene Roche Posay), and the creams complement with each other very well.

    So really, Pso Natura is worth a try ! I no longer change my formula.
    Our advice: We recommend daily use of the shampoo until complete disappearance of flakes.
    Subsequently apply 2-3 times a week.

    The Capsules against psoriasis help eliminate stress

    I tried the capsules for 2 months. They have a significant overall effect on nervousness and so on psoriasis. This is probably due to its
    indicated action on the liver. I hence recommend them...
    Hervé M. - RENNO

    Psoriasis since the age of 14

    Hello everybody. I am 35 and have had psoriasis since the age of about 14.  It started after I had undergone a desensitisation treatment against mites; no-one else in my family suffers from psoriasis. For the last 5 years I have had guttate psoriasis nearly all over my body, and big patches on my legs and elbows. I have tried all the conventional treatments; cortisone creams, bio-resonance, acupuncture, magnetism...

    The only treatment that was satisfactory was puvatherapy. I have had 5 courses over the last 6 years, the effects of which would last between 4 and 6 months. I had further treatment in June this year, but patches began to reappear immediately. My dermatologist wanted to prescribe Metotrexate, but when I read the possible side effects I panicked ! ! !           

    I then tried the Complex Pso Natura and the shampoo and moisturising cream in the range. It is a real miracle ! Nearly all the patches have disappeared. I use it once a day over my entire body (including my face) and this summer I could go to the beach like anybody else.
    The treatment is expensive, but nothing is too much if it gets rid of this 'rubbish' that has ruined my life for so long.
    I will keep you posted as to my progress, but in any event. IT WORKS EVEN FOR SEVERE CASES ! !

    Thank you Natural Skin Remedy.
    Frederic Ch - SWITZERLAND

    Psoriasis on the hands (or palmoplantar psoriasis)

    We have received your Pso Natura products in Morocco and began treating psoriasis. I confess that I am already getting effective results progressing towards the elimination of my traces of psoriasis. I can see the true skin of my hands at last. It's been a year since this disease began.
    We follow all your recorded counselling.
    Khalid, the patient's brother - MOROCCO

    Improvement of psoriasis in 7 days

    I started applying the Complex Pso Natura and there's been a remarkable improvement in the skin appearance on the entire body.
    I dare to believe this and it is yet the reality. Thank you !
    Jacques T.  - NOGENT SUR MARNE  - France

    Psoriasis and water quality

    Hello, and Thank you already for the results ! I ordered a pot a month ago, and did not start the treatment well unfortunately. With PUVA therapy, I was scratching and scraping a lot. At the end of the PUVA therapy, I had barely any trace of the psoriasis but a new layer formed and it all started again. I made a routine of applying Pso Natura morning and night, and saw improvement after 2/3 weeks.

    I ordered another package, knowing I was going abroad, and would have none left on my return (on this subject, Thank you for your efficient treatment of orders, no holidays for you apparently ! ! !)

    1)  I have the impression that water with less calcium/chemicals leads to better treatment???
    2)  Was a little disappointed on return to France to find the treatment less effective, because of the higher chemical/calcium content in water.
    3)  I need some advice about what sort of moisturiser to buy? Something not sticky or greasy, like all I've tried until now!

    Our advice : the Rich Restructuring Cream Pso Natura, as it leaves a satin finish on the skin, of course...

    Psoriasis outbreaks cleared in 2 months only

    THANK YOU! This is the best and only word I can use ! After of years of living/surviving with psoriasis, Pso Natura is my solution. I waited before sending you feedback to see the results on my skin, and here they are: Psoriasis (inflamed all Summer), completely white after a maximum of 2 months. I feel serene, and if it comes back, I'm ready with my Pso Natura reserves to go ! !

    No more need for UV treatment, visits to the ineffective dermatologist ! I still cannot believe it. It has gone from behind my ears, the pubic region, the scalp, incredible ! I also join those in congratulating you on your rapid and personal responses to mails, the next day ! ! THANK YOU.

    If ever my children have problems with acne, I know exactly where to go.

    PS: Why don’t doctors and dermatologists send people to you ? I found you on the Internet by typing ‘treating psoriasis’. I speak about you to all doctors (sceptics) I meet.

    Hélène L.  FRANCE

    Knees, calves, thighs, elbows and scalp Psoriasis...

    I wanted to thank the Mascareignes Laboratory for the serious work you are doing. The results are visible and do not stop getting better. I am ‘cured’. Twice a day, I apply a spoonful of Pso Natura onto the loofah and apply to my knees, calves, feet and thighs until the spoonful has been used up.

    I reapply a spoonful to the loofah and attack the top half of my body, elbows, forearms, hands and, on rare occasions, my scalp.I wait a minute and then rinse and dry myself. Once dry, I apply Betneval 0,1% (not every day). I also use Organic Aloe Vera gel (97.30%).

    Mr. Jérôme A - FRANCE

    Our response: Careful, we do not pretend to heal psoriasis, but to get relief from the disease. We hope to remedy the problems associated with psoriasis, not the root causes of the disease. No scientist can target to track the exact causes of psoriasis.

    Face Psoriasis

    Working for a big French public service group, I meet the public daily. I suffer from psoriasis on my face, just under my eyes. I had such a complex about this, thinking that people only saw the patches and not my face. One day, I found your Pso Natura website and decided to go for it, convinced that it wouldn't work.
    After 3 days of usage, my psoriasis had disappeared 95%. For someone like me who had no faith in your products, it was incredible result. Your product works, I recommend it to all those suffering from unsightly psoriasis.

    Other positive remarks: Extremely fast delivery and enlightening advice from the Mascareignes Laboratory specialists (sent email Saturday, personal response received Sunday ! ! !).

    Thank you infinitely for this product. Thanks to Pso Natura, I'm living a better life.

    Pierre Ch de D. - FRANCE

    A member of France Psoraisis association testimonial

    I found Pso Natura in the France Psoraisis Journal (French Society for the Fight Against Psoriasis) where your natural and plant based product seemed to open another door. I've been treating psoriasis, whole body, for 54 years.

    Pso Natura showed results after 3 days and the first real disappearance of patches after 10.

    My skin feels newborn.  

    Marie-Thérèse K. - FRANCE

    45 years of psoriasis

    I’ve been bothered with light, but faithful psoriasis for 45 years and have tried the whole medical army of products. Nothing has really been effective. Only PUVA therapy gave me temporary respite. I have my reservations though that this treatment causes general problems all over the skin.

    Since October, I've been suffering from a bad hit of psoriasis and I then discovered Pso Natura. After 25 days usage, my psoriasis has reduced by 95%.
    It’s a great source of hope for me. Pso Natura is easy to use.

    Thank you very much.

    Robert - FRANCE

    40 years of psoriasis, disappeared in 2 months

    40 years of psoriasis. Everything tried with many disappointments and lots of constraints. I tried Pso Natura and noticed nothing in the first 15 days. Using the product is easy however and my motivation finally showed results.
    I applied twice a day for 2 months and my psoriasis finally disappeared. Phew ! ! !

    Richard - FRANCE

    Staggering results on psoriasis

    Pso Natura worked for me and I can confirm it is fantastic ! The results themselves are staggering, but alongside this, the Mascareignes Laboratory’s assistance and follow up was amazing. I had questions and they were always on hand to answer, support and encourage me. I've never had such a personalised experience with a company.
    Thank you for your dedication.

    Natacha Laval - FRANCE

    Plaque Psoriasis on the legs, arms and hands

    My psoriasis manifests itself in dry, layered skin patches on my legs, arms/hands and head.
    With Pso Natura, my legs and arms were clear after 3 weeks. My hands took longer (6-7 weeks).

    I can see fine lines and outlines on my joints, but I'm the only one who notices. There is no comparison with the patches and flakes I had before.

    After 3 weeks I had to change loofah after all my usage and this has definitely helped.

    Frédérique -  BELGIUM

    Psoriasis and stress counselling

    Very satisfied with Pso Natura, with very few flakes left and a new skin. My timing, this time round, was good as the first time I tried, I was too stressed out and was in the middle of an outbreak.

    Pso Natura had worked somewhat but hadn't banished it all. I applied intensively over 2 months this time and it’s all gone.  

    Christopher - UNITED KINGDOM

  • FAQ

    We answer your questions about psoriasis and Pso Natura

    We understand that the idea of a natural remedy for psoriasis raises numerous questions and as such we have endeavored to provide the best and most helpful answers to numerous questions regarding psoriasis in general and our products...

    Please note: We would like to remind you that Pso Natura is not a medicine, but a deem-cosmetic with 100% active and organic ingredients.

    Is there any age group suitable for the Pso Natura treatment?

    I have suffered from psoriasis for over 30 years, is the Pso Natura range suitable for me?

    Yes, whatever your age and however long you have had psoriasis, Pso Natura® can help relieve symptoms.

    Pso Natura is an organic skincare which helps psoriasis and eczema patches/plaques disappear.
    The disappearance of your patches, using our Regenerating Complex, will depend on their severity.

    Using our Pso Natura®, the time for skin regeneration ranges between 10 days and 8 weeks,
    but on average most people are relieved from symptoms after 1 month.

    Can my 7-year old child use the Complex Pso Natura to treat his eczema?

    Yes, definitely!
    However, we advise that you massage gently with the loofah, since children have delicate skin.

    I am currently undergoing a medical treatment against psoriasis.

    Should I stop my treatment when using Pso Natura?

    No. We are not doctors and as such we will never advise nor suggest any changes in your medical prescriptions.
    However, any sudden termination of your medical treatment could result in significant regrowth of your plaques and generally deteriorate your skin's condition.

    Please keep using your prescribed treatment and consult your medical practitioner and dermatologist if you wish to make any changes.

    The Complex and the cream Pso Natura are an anti-psoriasis phyto-care. They are compatible with other medicines.  

    However, for people undergoing PUVA, we recommend that you wait for your treatment to end before you can start using the Pso Natura Complex, because its application involves exfoliation which could irritate your skin.

    You can still use:
    - the Rich Restructuring Cream Pso Natura for external care, and
    - the Detox & Zen Capsules for internal balance.

    Will Pso Natura treat my guttate psoriasis?

    Yes, please read the origin of our laboratories and the testimony of our founder, Sylvie Méliet, for more information regarding this question.

    Does Pso Natura treat plaque psoriasis?

    Yes, certainly ! All products from our Pso Natura range treat plaque psoriasis.

    Can the Complex Pso Naura help for my erythrodermic psoriasis?

    No, unfortunately, your skin is too irritated to undergo an exfoliation with the loofah; the treatment will sting.
    We remind you that the Regenerating Complex is not a medicine, it is a dermo-cosmetic.

    Its properties make it an effective treatment against redness and flaking,
    but its action affects only the upper layers of the skin. On the other hand,
    our Rich Restructuring Cream is certainly an ideal active moisturiser for your skin and would likely help you.

    Can I treat my pustular psoriasis with Pso Natura?

    No, unfortunately, your skin is too irritated to undergo exfoliation with our loofah and the treatment would be uncomfortable.
    However, we can recommend our Rich Restructuring Cream as an ideal moisturiser for your skin.

    Does Pso Natura treat fingernails psoriasis?

    We have so far said 'no' to this question before, because logically the action of the loofah cannot reach under the nail-bed.
    However, we have received numerous testimonials that have informed us that they have had
    excellent results on their nail psoriasis whilst using our product.

    Please note that in the case of uncertainty like this, we continue to advise that our product may not work on nail psoriasis.  


    Is the Complex Pso Natura safe to use on the genitals?

    (M or F)
    No, to be truly effective, Pso Natura® must be applied with a loofah. With psoriasis on the pubis there is no problem. On sensitive areas such as the labia or penis, exfoliation with the loofah is, of course, out of question.

    Can the Complex Pso Natura be applied on the face?

    Many of our customers have successfully used the Complex Pso Natura® on the face.
    The composition of our Pso Natura products will not do any harm.
    Clinical tests of facial skin tolerance are very good. However, massage with the loofah should be gentle. Use a gentle patting motion if you feel that your skin is fragile.

    We recommend that you always use a moisturising cream on the treated parts of the body or the face.
    It will alleviate the after-effects of exfoliation and hydrate the skin, which is always recommended for psoriasis.

    You may sometimes notice some small red psoriasis patches which disappear quickly, but this could be a sign that you need to massage more gently.
    If you go out in the sun, protect your skin with a good sunscreen as exfoliated skin is considerably more susceptible to sun damage.  

    Avoid any contact with the eyes. There is no great risk, but the stinging is very unpleasant.
    In the event of stinging, rinse generously with water.

    Use of the Complex Pso Natura on my eyelid psoriasis?

    Unfortunately not. Pso Natura® produces white foam which stings the eyes.
    Moreover, it is necessary to use a loofah sponge (provided) to stimulate the action of Pso Natura®. This is, of course, out of the question for a sensitive area like the eyelids.

    My psoriasis patches are inflamed, can I still use the Complex with the loofah ?

    No. It would be a mistake to use the loofah in this case. Pso Natura® contains bactericides which are likely to sting. Start by using the loofah in a patting motion, without massaging.
    Pso Natura® should decrease the irritation, discouraging you from scratching, thereby soothing your patches.

    The use of the loofah is an essential component for a real effective treatment with Pso Natura®. Thus, when the irritation subsides,
    you will be able to proceed with the loofah massage.

    By not activating "the loofah effect” at the beginning, you will undoubtedly have to wait a little longer for convincing results, but be persistent and have courage!

    Don't forget to mosisturise, ideally with our Rich Restructuring Cream Pso Natura.


    Can I use the soap after the Complex Pso Natura?

    No, it is not necessary to use soap after the Complex for 2 reasons:
    - The active agents in the Complex Pso Natura cleanse the skin; it is unnecessary to do anymore.
    - By using the Complex with the loofah, you have exfoliated your skin, making it more sensitive. Do not aggravate it with soap.

    Do we need to apply a moisturising psoriasis cream after the Complex Pso Natura treatment?

    Yes, of course ! We absolutely recommend moisturising! Moisturising is an alleviating factor and is always recommended for psoriasis and eczema.

    When the skin has just been exfoliated, moisturising it is even more important.
    Choose a rich psoriasis cream (except for the face, choose an adapted cream).

    Ideally, choose our Rich Restructuring Cream from our Pso Natura range, combined for working in synergy with the Regenerating Complex and gives better results for your psoriasis or eczema.


    We recommend that, once you have applied the Regenerating Complex on the loofah and the product starts to foam, massage your skin with
    the loofah for approximately 30 seconds so that foam releases the maximum active ingredients.

    We advise not to massage for longer time as over exfoliation may irritate your skin.

    If you wish, you can leave the foam to act for one minute after the massage, before rinsing it off, allowing your skin to absorb the ingredients.

    No real improvement on my psoriasis after 1 week of use

    There is no need to panic !

    Many people see changes with their psoriasis or eczema after 3 days in general; and the skin becomes smoother.

    But beware,
    1. It does not mean it is all gone, far from it.
    2. We have established averages; thus the results depend on the severity of your psoriasis.

    If you notice a small change, it is already a good sign; though it is not as you expected. Do not become over-anxious. Give yourself a little time … and do not stress.
    As you know, stress is a powerful contributor to psoriasis. Try to remain as relaxed as possible.

    The ingredients of the Complex Pso Natura® and the cream are particularly active as the exposure to the skin is only a few minutes per day.

    Have confidence and patience and moisturise !

    How to avoid rapid regrowth of my psoriasis?

    After the psoriasis or eczema traces have disappeared, continue using Pso Natura Complex twice a day for 2 weeks for an in-depth organic treatment.
    Carry on for preventative purposes 2-3 times per week, according to your specific condition.

    Each case is different, it is up to each individual to evaluate his or her maintenance needs.

    Psoriasis patches are reddening, what to do?

    It is normal for patches subjected to the powerful effectiveness of Pso Natura Complex to redden initially. The loofah massage stimulates the
    circulation of the micro vessels. Your skin will soon turn pink, and eventually start to whiten. (This is the regeneration aspect).

    However, you should not reach any stage of irritation. If your skin is very sensitive or you have massaged too vigorously, reconsider your massaging technique.
    You may find you have been too brutal in your massage.

    Use a moisturising cream which will help to soothe the red psoriasis patches, ideally our Rich Regenerating Cream.

    If your skin is irritated and bleeding slightly, suspend the treatment until the irritation is gone, and start again. The bactericidal agents of Pso Natura® Complex will sting on open wounds.

    Can my loofah wear out?

    Yes, it can. When you feel it isn't doing its job anymore, it’s time to change. If using the product twice a day, we recommend you change your
    loofah every 4 weeks. If you are massaging more vigorously, the loofah will require more frequent changing.

  • Psoriasis Info


    Different TYPES of psoriasis and existing treatments

    Psoriasis is a disease; the multiple causes of which are still unknown and inadequately researched explains why as to date, no drugs can fight this disease.
    The only pharmaceutical or medical answers in use today all have the same objective: to bleach psoriasis, to (more or less) remove its traces and
    leave the sufferer feeling more at ease, especially regarding the looks of others. However, its resurgence is inevitable.

    Those with psoriasis or eczema are looking for an easy and effective treatment without negative side effects or leading to more damage.

    Here is what the scientific community knows about psoriasis today: psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that affects approximately 2-5% of the population, both men and women.

    The disease is represented by red patches covered with whitish flakes, which are raised from the skin.

    The psoriasis patches are often located on the elbows, scalp and knees, but can also reach other parts of the body such as the face, the hands, the feet and the mucous membranes. Psoriasis is neither contagious nor allergy-based, but it is likely to be hereditary, in the form of a predisposition to developing the disease.

    Psoriasis is a genetic disease, caused by a cluster of, not a single, gene, precipitated by environmental factors, both external: changes of season,
    friction from clothing and internal risk factors, such as infectious diseases, psychological stress and taking certain types of medication.

    Psoriasis has a strong impact on an individual's quality of life. Due to its unaesthetic aspect and its resilience, psoriasis often gives rise to feelings
    of low self-worth, mental anguish and, with the passage of time, to depression.

    Psoriatic people often have communication problems, particularly when their affected areas are visible, such as those on the face, scalp and hands.

    Psychological traumas – emotional upsets, bereavement, relationship breakdown or physical shocks - accidents, surgical interventions – are frequently
    the cause of first appearances and recurrences.

    Moreover, stress provokes new psoriasis patches.
    This results in making the affected person quickly become trapped in an vicious cycle.

    Types of psoriasis

    There are two types of psoriasis
    • Type I: where the disease appears in the child or the young adult, with family antecedents, accompanied by a rather rapid evolution.
    • Type II: where psoriasis develops after 40 years, without family antecedents and accompanied by a more benign evolution.

    Lesion types/ Classification

    With regard to the type of lesion, it is possible to distinguish:

    - Psoriasis Vulgaris: It is undoubtedly the most widespread form: it applies to 95% of people affected by the disease.
    The lesions, with well defined contours, are surrounded by a clear ring. This description covers various types of psoriasis lesions, which cause itching
    in 60-70% of cases

    - Plaque psoriasis: by far the most frequent, circular in shape.

    - Guttate psoriasis: resembling small drops.

    - Flexural psoriasis: characterised by round patches a few centimeters in diameter.

    Severe forms of psoriasis

    1) Pustular psoriasis

    2) Erythrodermic psoriasis

    To find out more information, we suggest you go to:



    Cream is applied to affected areas. 60 to 70% of patients use this kind of treatment.

    Some of the best known treatments are:

    Corticosteroids - Containing cortisone. They have a favourable effect on psoriasis,
    but patches often return when the treatment is stopped. The best known and most popular are: Diprosone (ointment or cream), Diprosalic lotion for the scalp.

    Risks: Dependency, which results in increased usage over time, however cortisone cannot be used daily over a long period.
    Risks: Resurgence of the disease.

    Corticosteroid derivatives, treatments combining cortisone and calcipotrine (Vitamin D derivative) - Vitamin D is synthesized during exposure of the skin to the ultraviolet light of the sun. Calcipotrine treatments can thus replace, in particular, PUVA-therapy.
    The most common are: Daivonex, Daivobet (calcipotriol betamethasone).
    Risks: With a high dosage, Calcipotriol becomes toxic.
    Potential to be slightly irritating to the skin.

    Salicylic acid - best known: Salicylated vaseline 5%-10% (warning, not for children) – soothing action, known to alleviate fever. Used in preservatives. Anexeryl is an example.
    Risks: Toxic in large quantities.

    Tar - Very dirty and strong smelling, but effective. Found in particular shampoos containing Cade oil, tar or carbodome, Emollient bath oil (Caditar soap, Aveenoderm, Polytar). Another example is Coaltar.
    Disadvantages: Soiling, requiring bandages for night time, and therefore very inconvenient.

    PUVA - therapy (A or B ultraviolet rays) / Phototherapy – A recognised degree of effectiveness.
    Variable tolerance level according to patients. Can be combined with other treatments.
    Lengthy treatment: 8-10 weeks, with, generally, thrice-weekly dermatologist meetings.
    Risks: Exposure to heliodermy (pigmentation) and risk of melanomas.


    They treat the body as a whole, distributing the medication via the bloodstream. Generally used in stage 2 after having tried local treatments.

    Systemic treatments are often heavy and can present mid to long term risks. 30-40% of patients take this route.

    Possible Systemic Treatments

    Methotrexate: Well-known with 70% good results.

    Retinoids – Properties closely resembling Vitamin A, for serious types of psoriasis which do not respond to other therapies. Frequent resurgence after stopping of treatment. In particular Soriatane.
    Risks: Can cause birth defects if patient is pregnant.

    Soriatane: Can cause hair loss, dry lips and dryness of the mucous membranes.

    Cyclosporine: Most powerful of these treatments. Immune-depressant, can produce positive effects, but also serious side effects mainly due to the weakening of the auto immune system.
    Other risks: Renal toxicity, maximum 1 year duration.

    NEW on the market!
    ANTI-TNF ALPHAS: Some already on market but not earmarked for psoriasis.
    Also new, Alefacept. Intravenous treatment. Long length remission.
    Disadvantage: Time constraining and treatment is repeated.


    Here are some natural treatments for psoriasis:

    Pso Natura® … Naturally ! Pso Natura® is a 100% organic, foaming, regenerating Complex.

    An organic, derma-cosmetic treatment, proven to deliver very convincing results to the problems of psoriasis flakes
    with the use of our exclusive wild Carapa procera oil. Following customer demand, we have developed other complementary treatments to treat the outside and inside of your body, our Rich Restructuring Cream, Dermatological Shampoo and our Detox and Zen Capsules. The results speak for themselves as our customers have given excellent feedback !

    Its advantages: Natural and organic, it does not induce dependency and is easy to apply.  

    Sylvie Méliet, the founder of Laboratoires Mascareignes, and a psoriatic for more than 20 years testifies: "The most effective answer I know.” Results tend to be seen within approximately 1 month.

    Essential oils (Phytotherapy): Namely burdock, wild pansy and sarsaparilla, can be useful. Warning, often greasy and very pungent. Ill advised to self medicate as some oils can be very toxic for the body. Very progressive improvement (but slow).

    Aloe Vera:  Results are often visible, but very seldom entirely removes the traces. Most effective: Freshly collected Aloe Vera, which is not easy to find in the European climate.

    Cures: Double objective for these cures: local applications of "active substances” combined with patient relaxation (important since psoriasis is triggered by stress). Relatively effective, but often of short duration when one returns to normal life. The best known are:

    Dead Sea Cure for psoriasis: Minimum 2 weeks (avoid December & January, too little sun - and August, too much sun). Expensive, non-refundable (partially refunded by certain mutual insurance companies). Repeat visits necessary.

    Icelandic Blue Lagoon Cure: 37 deg hot water lagoon deep in the Icelandic countryside. Care necessary when exiting the bath… Very expensive due to all the extras (taxis to the countryside, hotels etc), but generally effective. Repeat visits necessary.

    Some 15 different cures in France (Avène, La Roche Posay etc…). 3 weeks. Total program similar to the above, sometimes with group discussions. Reduction of patches, rather than disappearance.

    Homeopathy - More suitable for light psoriasis, less than 5 years. 3-4 months to see results and only in certain cases.

    Chinese medicine  - Based on the observation of the laws of energy circulation. Take care to find a genuine professional. This can be helpful.

    Others include certain known methods of treatment, which can sometimes lead to results: Acupuncture, Sophrology, Hypnosis.

    Nutritherapy : 3 best known alternatives
    Nutritional methods by a Dr. Seignalet, who recommends returning to ancient food groups. Eating organic, removal of foodstuffs introduced by man. Very prone to controversy by experts.

    There are also marine phospholipids, such as natural marine lecithin. Extracts of wild pelagic fish (rich in omega-3). Acts on liver, heart, brain. Could have virtues against psoriasis. Studies still in progress to confirm this. An example being Psoriacalm - 9 gel capsules per day, minimum 2 months treatment.
    Warning: Could cause thinning of the blood. A particular warning for people following an anticoagulant treatment.

    Probiotics for psoriasis: Lactic ferments and bifidus, believed to have an influence on our internal wellbeing and thus on psoriasis. Presented as gel capsules. Consult a naturopath.

    Psychotherapy: To reconcile oneself to the problem of psoriasis, for clarity and to decrease stress. Why not? Even if results are hard to measure, you may resolve other issues in your life!

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